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I have created 2 ad banner for a campaign with 2 mio. impressions.



Which of them would you use?

Or should I just use this as a static .png banner?
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    Originally Posted by Vaze View Post

    Which of them would you use?

    Or should I just use this as a static .png banner?

    Hi Vaze,

    I would go with banner #2.

    The first one would be cool if it paused in the middle so you could read it.
    But it is not good for people that have poor eye site.

    #2 will get noticed more then if you use it as a static jpg banner.

    Hope that helps.

    Have a great day toward your online success !

    Yours truly,
    Jeff Noyes

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    Yeah I`m more a fan of no1. I`m not really in love by banners with too many collors.. but it`s all up to you and where you want to place it
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    #2 is pretty eye-catching, though animated banners do not always give off the best impression.
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    the 2nd one is better, compared to 1st, but still you can improve your banners to make them thousands times better, to attract much more targeted visitors
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    #2 is better, #1 is just nuts. But IMO it could be improved. It doesn't include your brand logo, which would build trust, and it doesn't build up much curiosity.
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      It's possible to set an animated .gif to play a set number of times. It doesn't have to be in a loop. It could play 1,2,3,n times. Maybe if #1 was played through only once or twice it would work better?
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        Why not use both split test and see which one performs better.

        Take the one that performed better and then make another one and compare...

        Keep doing this until you have a ultra high converting one and pump money into it.
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    I would use number 2 and also change the background colour from orange to say white and black. Would seem to fit better in my opinion.

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  • I don't like them. But that is me! I would not click on any of them but that is me. I don't matter! You should test and then you will know what I say doesn't matter!
    soon people... Relax...
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    I would go with #1. They both look great but I would stay away from the color changes.
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      For me, it wouldn't matter.

      I saw both because they were embedded in a post asking for feedback. Had I encountered either "in the wild", I wouldn't have registered either one. When it comes to banners, I'm as blind as Stevie Wonder with a blindfold.
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    The design doesn't matter as your copy is too vague. Concern yourself less with "flash" and more with content.

    The banners I find most appealing look a lot like old school print ads.
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    I would vote on #2. But, why do you change the color of "website" image too? Keep it fix as seen on the first frame....
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