How to include your own "submit" button in an opt-in form?

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Hey guys,

I'm not very "techie" to be honest and was wondering if anyone could help me out with regards to using your own "submit" or "signup" button in an Aweber opt-in?

I've gotten as far as getting the RAW HTML code for my form and have uploaded the picture I want to use to my server but not quite sure where to go from there. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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    the general syntax (code) for a submit button is
    <INPUT type="submit" value="Submit">
    if you want the button to read "Sign Up!", then
    <INPUT type="submit" value="Sign Up Now!">
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    Sounds like you want to replace that gray button with an image, if so, replace

    <INPUT type="submit" value="Sign Up Now!">


    <input type="image" src="image.gif" name="optional">
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    Thanks a lot guys
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