The best Digital Product Creation training?

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Does anyone know what is the best Digital Product Creation training?

Please feel free to share your opinion and experience.
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    Honestly the best training would be asking some of the people who have really done it and then doing it yourself. People always want to learn a bunch before trying but when you're creating a product, I'd say just do it and then have people critique you.

    If you get people to look at the product that know a lot about the niche, they will give you tremendous help.
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    Alex Jeffreys
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    Hi, I think if you try doing a search for "Digital Product Creation training" in YouTube, you'll be pleasantly surprised what come up. There's plenty of gold in there!
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    Originally Posted by info126 View Post

    Does anyone know what is the best Digital Product Creation training?

    Please feel free to share your opinion and experience.
    You might want to check out Clickbank University, which was put together by the people at Clickbank.

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      I had never heard of the clickbank university nor did I think of looking up on you tube for info on product creation - clever and thanks!
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    what is the best Digital Product Creation training !!
    Use a great product that is popular in your Nich and thank you for you question good luck friend
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  • The best is you doing a few and learn as you go or get a mentor that is the second best
    soon people... Relax...
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    look over warrior forum (other website product services) - you can find some product creation training services/
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    It depends partly on what kind of product... membership site trainings are a continuity product, and WSO's are too, but they're very different.

    Delivery is important, too... zip file upload? web based? And do you want affiliates to promote it, or you're doing your own in-house promo?

    These will all help shape the kind of digital product you want to create.

    Different folks specialize in different types of products. Google search the type of product you want to create (ie., "ebook") and include qualifiers such as "blogs about ebook creation", or "videos about..." etc. You'll find plenty or resources there.

    When it comes to "launching" your product, I think Jeff Walker's PLF is tops, but pricey. I've seen a decent and far cheaper training from John Thornhill called something like "60 minute reseller" on JVzoo and it's pretty good, especially for the price.

    Dig in! You're on the right track.
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    Lots of different products available and lots of advice here and elsewhere on the web if you want to go it alone.

    Digital products can be lots of things so you probably need to narrow it down first:
    • An ebook or Kindle book - plenty of people making money with these
    • Audio - as a podcast or a file that's delivered, with or without a transcript
    • Video - anything from a screen capture, webcam capture (either of those using a program or using Hangouts or a service) through to a phone video or right the way up to pro level
    • Mind maps and other files - which can be the main product or support files
    • Webinars - these can be a complete digital product or can lead to other products/upsells
    • Websites - members only areas, etc
    • Software - computer, phone or web based
    Once you know where you want to go, you can narrow down your search for the best product.

    Or you could just model something you like and learn as you go
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