Trying my hand at YouTube with a FIFA Podcast

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Now I have an established website which is related around football which has been going strong for about 3 years now and we are looking to expand and offer our own little thing on YouTube.

In the past, we've played with the idea of Youtube but struggled to find any way of engaging ourselves. One of our early efforts somehow limped to 57,000 views. God knows how but it did! So after 33 subscribers and a little think we are going to put some effort into YouTube

The idea is simple the founders of Bread And Butter Football, will be doing a mini football preview of the weekends or mid week big games using FIFA16. We will record all gameplay, offer some small insights into what we think might happen in the real match and most importantly those getting excited moments that we all have on FIFA! Ok, ok. Being honest for a second it'll probably just be 15 minutes of one of us abusing John Terry or something. But it will be enjoyable all the same.

We have released a little promo of it to get people used to the idea of it. Advise would be good on how to grow, develop. etc

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