What inspired you to dive into IM?

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Hey fellow warriors, what inspired you to get into Internet marketing in the first place? For me, it was the independence and freedom to make money on my own time and do whatever I wanted to do. What lured you in? Also, is it what you thought it would be? Did mmo live up to the hype for you?
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    For me, it was dissatisfaction with what I am doing now to the point that I was losing money because I hated it so much and could not make myself work. I started looking into affiliate marketing years ago, but I had to make a living, so ended up doing freelance writing. At first, when the mills were hot and you could write whatever you wanted and do well, I was happy, but things have changed now. I no longer find any happiness in doing the sort of articles I have to do, and it seems clients want more and more for less and less pay and are getting really demanding and hard to work for.

    I loved blogging, but with freelance pay dropping and having to spend so much time seeking decently paying work (again, for things I hate writing), I spent all my time making money and my blogs went to hell, I started looking back into IM. I learned about social media marketing, which is right up my alley, since my other thought was to do social media management.
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    I've always been a computer nerd.

    Long before being a nerd was cool.

    So, Internet marketing came naturally to me.


    I've also been a cynic for much of my life, so the hype never existed. Internet marketing was what I wanted it to be, not what others told me it would be.
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      For me, it was definitely the yearning to be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and not to have to be on anyone's schedule unless it was my own.

      IM has definitely provided all of that plus a hell of a lot more.
      Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
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    IM has provided all what it needs
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      I don't mind clocking each day and doing 9-to-5. I do mind being a slave at the whims of corporate overlords that can dictate to me when I'll be working and when I'll be out of money.

      Having a kid and wanting to spend more time with my family is also an incentive.
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    I'm a registered nurse...

    ...but I wanted a vehicle where someone can start with scraps in my pocket, and still be able to grow very big in the future.

    I just felt IM fits there.

    I have two kids (2y/o and the other is 3mos), and I want to be able to have a decent living using the internet.

    Did MMO live up to the hype?

    Well... I'm at the stage of doing my first launch (gonna be on Oct 24, and I made a short JV film to prepare mentally for it).

    My plan for the future is to be able to share the wonders of IM to others... so I'm really hoping this launch does ok
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    I hate having a boss other than myself.
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    The ability to generate income and the potential to reach millions of people with my message fascinated me.
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    Well for me, NOTHING, it happened by accident. As a passionate engineer, my original plan was to climb high up the career ladder and become at least a project engineer or project manager upon hitting 30's or 40's. The chance of me becoming an online entrepreneur that time was zero. I'd not even think about it at all. Fortunately, things didn't go as planned due to many factors and my career went to a dead end. Money was tight and I've supplemented my income by selling stuffs on eBay then I've learned product creations and then plunged into resell rights business. I've then realized, working 9-5 is a losing game and it is very possible to get out of the rat race and live the life you ever wanted. Internet marketing/business is the answer, it's sweet but you've got to start usually the hard way and it wasn't easy. I wish everyone all the best, perseverance makes everything happens.
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    Like most, the financial freedom of not having to slave away at a 9 to 5 job. I like to work for myself, plus I'm pretty self-motivated so I'm actually quite good at keeping myself busy.

    Full-time entrepreneur | YouTuber | Ecom Coach | Social Media Expert

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    I got sick of being under paid and under appreciated while I was working my ass of for people who didn't respect me. In today's world if you want to succeed you need to pave your own path instead of somebody else's.
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    For me it was the jawdropping results some of the people around me were getting.
    I already had a few websites but just for fun, they werent monitized at all, did them out of pure hobby. Then i monitezed them, i liked what i saw and i deepened myself into IM and went exploring.. now 6-7 years later i am still innit, its adictive.

    Get my fiverr abritage tutorial for free HERE.

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    The idea of sitting at my computer and never having to make a commute to
    work has always intrigued me. But 14 years ago when jobs were scarce
    because of 9/11, and me hating resumes and interviews, the Internet was
    the way out ... and I never looked back!

    -Ray Edwards
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    I got into IM because I found out that a friend of mine is making a living on just selling websites. I got interested in that and wondered how it is done. From there, I got interested in the whole thing since 2008 and I kept on learning, implementing and experimenting up to today.
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    My dream is travel all over the world with a laptop at my backpack.

    With a boss, I can only travel on vacation. I'm working to have that dream happen with IM, requires time, patience and constancy, but it is possible.
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    Being my own boss.
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    Education system inspired me. I hate college so dropped out and entered in internet marketing.
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      Originally Posted by Manish Sapkota View Post

      Education system inspired me. I hate college so dropped out and entered in internet marketing.
      Yeah, I hear ya. Nothing wrong with college. It's just not for everyone. i still think a college degree is a very handy thing to have.
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    Being able to quit my daytime job, hated having a boss and working long laborious hours for a pittance.
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    Freedom , that one thing is most important for me . Dont want to bear BOSS attitude by working 9 to 5 and getting FIXED salary
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    Another computer nerd here, albeit a "mature" one, I already spent a lot of time on the PC. When hubby died last year his pension went with him and that got me thinking how how could use the "nerdiness" to earn an income.
    My initial search was how to earn money from home, this led me to affiliate marketing. I had NO idea what affiliate marketing was! I found a program I loved, fortunately not a scam (I hadn't heard of those either!) and continue to learn and take action. It's taken a year, but the money is starting to come in now.
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      The idea of having Freedom to call you own shots, your own hours, and NOT relying on anyone for your Success has been an innate part of my psyche since a teenager

      - Robert Andrew
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    Three things:

    1. The ability to generate a greater income than at a corporate job (the crisis helped on this one);

    2. To gain more control over your life and earnings, which you can only partially do at a corporate job, by working hard but not knowing if you are getting raised or promoted (or worse, you end up getting promoted but not raised, all too common these days);

    3. Not a fan of working for someone else (this knowing fully well that I'm way worse with myself than any boss I ever had!).

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    For me it was about getting by, after my "brick and mortar" business failed! I had to put bread on the table, and a home to support. So at 55 years old I went into direct vacuum sales, and since there is really little residual income from this, I decided on local MLM, using the 3 foot rule, I was success with for a number of years. But as there is only a limited number of people in any local area, I turned to IM. This is the way to go for sure, I wish I had found it 20 years ago, but now being much older, the learning curve is hard.
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    It never felt like a choice. I had options, plenty, but working from home is as natural to me as eating. If I had to pin-point a deciding factor: the way I'm wired, working from home (although not necessarily IM) is the ideal fit.

    - Tom

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Freedom... that's it. The ability to work from anywhere, and really control your income.
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    Wanted to make a change! Then I stumbled onto making over $400 a day with Adsense investing only 20 bucks in advertising.

    I did that for over 4 months... Made a lot of money

    never slowed down since and I can make more money in a single day than I can trading 40 hours of my time.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    To be honest it was sheer convince. The Internet offers a very cheap platform to start and run a business.
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    Earn while sleeping or earn while travelling. nothing better than that
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    I played around online since 1994, when the current DOS version was 3.30 and 1200 baud modems were just coming onto the scene. Mostly local bulletin boards. In1996 the internet became more available because a cable company was laying all kinds of cable in my area.

    That is when I got my first website online and sold locally but had to use my business credit card machine to process payments. People had to call their orders in. So I just dabbled online until 2002 when I had a heart attack and part of my heart was dead. I did not know if I could ever go back to work again, so that is when I turned to Internet Marketing.

    I believe I was the first to come with what would be called today a Squeeze Page Generator. I called it a Capture Page Generator because the term Squeeze Page had yet to be coined.

    I created all kinds of software some based on Mark Joyner's teachings and wrote ebooks on list building and marketing online. All my ebooks quit working when the operating system XP with service pack 2 came out.

    Back then PDFs were just making their way to popularity. All of my ebooks were .exe files. I did quickly discover that listing building was the way to go and built massive lists. I had 4 computers in my basement that did nothing but email marketing and list building.

    There have been many different things evolved that have actually caused me to change my business model several times.

    The bottom line is I turned to Internet Marketing because of a health problem. I believe I was a pioneer in the beginning and I'm also coming up with new strategies and software that make me feel like I'm still an innovator.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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    My inspiration grows/changes every day.

    2010 - I didn't know what to do with a communication degree so I typed "how to make money online." Then I realized a friend was killing it just being at home.. so I did it. and failed. and failed. and failed. and failed.
    2012 - Interned for a construction company, during the time the owner would bash me and would tell me how much his son would make more money than me some day as I'd be at the lowest of the totem pole.. #motivated.
    2013 - Got a job at a clothing company/fashion company as an SEO associate. Over time, I realized how much I don't want to be in corporate america - the whole system to me sucks, I don't like having a boss, and I don't like to be micro managed. Additionally, I wanted to have my own vacation at my own time with my own freedom. Also, wanted to make whatever $$ I want and not have a ceiling being in the corporate life.
    2015 - My father passed away. It's now just me and my mom (I'm the only child). Another huge motivation where I'll jump ship and go full time online marketing (once the income is on the rise and is consistent). Me being at this 9-5, will not solve anything, so I need to diversify my income to help my mom and myself; as well as my future family.

    So there, that's what got me into IM. This wasn't the full story, but you get it

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    While I do want the freedom and to fund my dreams, I *could* have done that in a few different ways, not particularly IM.

    Why I chose IM as the vehicle of freedom and massive money is because I can do a variety of things that match my variety of interests--i.e. various niche sites. In other words, it's just plain fun for me.
    Happy Cash Tribe. A community for new and growing entrepreneurs. A meeting place for inspiration, education, resources, and support.
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    Good stuff warriors. Got me feeling inspired now.
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