My 1st Cheque From Clickbank

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I`m a happy man today. My 1st cheque from Clickbank for $718.38 has been despatched.

I live in the UK so that`s going to be around £420 and it`s going to pay my deposit for a holiday next year.

My next target is a $1000 cheque - as you may guess i`m starting the IM business very very slow!

By the way i did not pay a single penny to adwords! simple seo and articles.


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    Congrats! That's a pretty nice first check from Clickbank. Just keep up what you are doing and you will achieve your target.


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      what a lovely thing to receive, well done - keep at it
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      I will drop you a message and tell you how long it took to arrive, hope it`s soon though.


      Cheers, Paul
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    wow that was great Paul. that a big check for the first .. congratulation Paul...
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    That is awesome news, excellent.

    Well done, My first cheque of $ 114 has also just been sent as well, now I check the mail box at least 4 times a day

    Have a great day
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    Congratulations! I remember my first CB check like it was yesterday. It was April 14th 2005 and it was for $31.88. : )

    It sounds like you are doing really well. Keep at it!

    I live in the Western United States just a few hours to the South of CB Headquarters. The last check they sent took two days to reach me. I'm fortunate in my location. It probably takes much longer for checks to arrive in other countries.

    Congratulations again.
    Here's to dozens more CB checks!
    - Brandon

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    Congrats Paul. Keep it up.

    You did a nice job. I still haven't made any money from clickbank but now I am thinking about getting serious about it.

    I hope you are able to make a full time income online.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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      Originally Posted by militant123 View Post

      Congratulations Paul You must be a happy man...

      So how did you make £420 on clickbank without spending a penny?

      "simple seo and articles"
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        regarding not spending a penny. about 3 years ago i concentrated on generating traffic for my wife`s genealogy website and it was a long learning curve. - i spent a lot on directory submissions / adwords / magazine publishing ads etc and i managed to peak the traffic at 800 - 2000 a day.

        I never thought about doing IM as i thought it was for dedicated 100% professionsals etc.

        This time i thought lets start a little project with the paid survey`s niche - not a great niche but people want to work at home in some ways.

        Like everyone, i watched the stompernet video`s and what i learnt was to have the keywords in the website / blog name, the call the .html page the same as the keyword, but then do about 4 or 5 article pages on your website with relative keywords in the .html page names and it works for me.

        I went after the "Online Paid Surveys" keyword in the UK and i got on page 1 of google in 3 months as i know all about patience with getting picked up. Natural traffic is long winded but when it works it works. Ive been on page 1 on google in the UK for a year now.

        When looking at the initial setup of yourwebsite structure, call each of the pages with keywords or relative keywords, dont just call then etc, call them etc you know what i mean.

        I only submitted articles to Go articles / press box (about 10 in total) and used the power of USFREE ads for traffic. USFREE ads really works with google for me, one add picked up 12,000 hits in less than a year.


        Cheers, Paul
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    Good job!

    I've earned a few CB checks, but the combined total is still way short of your first.

    Keep up the good work.

    John R. Cumbow
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    Hi paul

    I remember my first CB cheque as well it was only for about $500
    took about 2 weeks to arrive and another 2 weeks to clear.

    Now I get them sent direct into my bank account so its a lot quicker
    but you need to have a few cheques first frm CB before they let you
    setup a bank deposit.
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    Congrats man.

    How long did it take you to make $718.38? How many articles did you write?

    I have written over 60 articles and did so many backlinking in the last 2 months but could only do $207 which is frustrating.
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    Congrats! thats a nice commission to start with!

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      Congrats on your success. Slowly but surely.

      As you continue to learn and stay focus on your goal your income will grow as well.

      Now analyze what you have done and focus on what works and continue to do it and replicate your success!
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  • That's a sweet chunk of change. Don't go blowing it down the Bigg Market.

    Be a business - wherever you are

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    Congratulations! That is a job well worth it! Good luck on your $1000 endeavor!
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    I am about to stop using click bank myself. From what my calculations say. My check that should be coming to me any day now would be right around 320. From a total of 8 sales however every single time I check my clickbank account it shows what should have been last bi weekly pay session of 109 or what not. It does not show anything for the recent transaction that have been made. Which this is driving me crazy I could have used the last check for advertising which at present every 20 I spend at googles adwords I make atleast 20. The first time I ran the campaign I broke the scale on that by making over 100 in a few short hours from the initial 20 spent on the advertising. The last sale I had was tues on my click bank account. The checks where supose to be sent out wensday or atleast calculated. Its now saturday and I see nothing but the 7/22/09 information in my checks stats page. Which was also held because I had not meet the threshhold of 5 different credit cards. So I ask you click bank guys should I go to them and complain or should I just stop using them and switch to say click 2 sell or pay dot com as my affiliated account.
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    Well done sir. I still remember refreshing my screen every few minutes for the first weeks I did internet marketing. Its still exciting, but now I typically only refresh a few times a day haha.

    Buy a burger, invest some of the money, and my bet is you will surpass your goal very shortly.

    To Your Success
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    Hey Paul, great job man...Good for you.

    For Pete...Yeup clickbank can be frustrating to get past the first check. I assume they have been scammed so many times that they need to have the hoops to jump through to protect themselves and the vendors. But just think when you prove you are already have an income stream working, keep massaging it and work on another...
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    Feels great, doesn't it?
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    Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

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    Major congrats!!
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    Congrats to you Paul!

    I know EXACTLY how you feel as I just reached my first milestone of finally reaching my CDR requirement - which seemed to take forever! I'd actually made aver a dozen sales but for whatever reason most were paid by paypal - hence you missout on reaching their CDR requirement.

    I'm NZ so I'll be interested to see how long it takes for the chque to get here but the bonus is even though its only around $250 USD that translates to just under $400 NZD!!! I earn money helping people with SEO but the exciting thing I see now with clickbank is that once I've invested that time and effort in traffic and sitesetup - I'm making money while I sleep.... nice!

    Keep up the good work!
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    Congrats on your first check! I have made some CB sales but I'm stuck in that darned 5 different credit card rule that CB has. I'm doing free methods as well and I was wondering how many articles or ads did you write promoting your campaign.


    You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want....Zig Ziglar

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    I am still working on getting my first sale with click bank. This is my first time reading that it is hard to get your money from them. Should I look into some where else or is it worth it to use them?
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    Very good Paul.

    I started out trying it with ClickBank almost 1.5 years ago, but didn't do very well (less than $200 total !!). I made the mistake of trying to promote only the most popular products. The competition was too much I guess, when just starting out anyway.

    I've been doing other things lately, but your post has renewed my faith in CB. I think I'll do a little research before just jumping on the hottest selling items though.
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    Hi Paul,

    "My next target is a $1000 cheque "

    No, your next target should be a $1000 direct transfer into your account. Transfers from Clickbank are both much faster and less expensive.

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    Hi Paul from another Paul
    The cheques I get are in dollars and if you're with the Clydesdale bank they charge £7 fee to transfer to sterling. I find they clear fairly quick though - within ten days.

    All the best and congrats.
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    Congrat's dude, it's like a rush of blood to the head and it'll make you go nuts!

    I went bizerke when I made my first dollar online...I mean crazy
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