Marketing to the Spanish speaking market?

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Hey guys,

I'm fluent in Spanish as I've lived in Spain and Central America. But I'm not fluent in spanish speaking culture.

I'm wanting to test the market with a new product. But I've got questions like which countries should I target for my dog training course? How is the Spanish market accustomed to paying; with paypal, credit card, other? How should I best charge in relation to what I charge an English speaking market?

Does anyone know of blogs, podcasts, sites, etc. where these types of issues are being discussed?
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    I have experience with marketing information products to the Spanish speaking demographic. My wife is Peruvian and I know many people in Peru (and other Spanish speaking countries) are highly skeptical about buying eBooks and the like.
    They would rather go to the book store and actually buy a real book... OR... find the info for free by searching online for it.

    I have sold an eBook, for a certain health related problem, both in Spanish and English, to both demographics using the same traffic sources, same sales page in each corresponding language, etc. and have always made more sales to the English speaking demographic.

    I have noticed that the Spanish speaking demographic are more apt to purchase actual products online (electronics, beauty products, etc.) than eBooks.

    They will use either credit cards or Paypal, with the same frequency as English speakers.

    The middle class has grown significantly in countries like Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, etc. in recent years, while the middle class in the USA has seen a decline since 2008. A lot of people in Latin American countries do have more disposable income than ever before, BUT... they seem to be harder to convince to make purchases online, from my experience, especially for eBooks.

    Make sure your copywriting is On Point !

    Good luck !
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    Hi Mr. Brown:

    Here is my experience. Basically, you will make approx 10% of the profit you are currently getting from selling to the English speaking market and a lot of people will send you checks and money orders because they do not have a credit card so get use to driving to the bank a lot and maybe hiring a person full time just to deposit checks - yes. Also, most of your Spanish speaking customers are from good old USA, about 90% and the other 10% is mostly Mexico. I get few people from South America. Also, there is almost no customers from Spain. Yeah, that still puzzles me. It is like if you have a web site in French you get people from both Quebec and France, but there we are.

    The quality of the translation needs to be super max. People will complain a lot if there is just one accent missing. Hey, the special code for ñ is a pain. I like to translate my English web site, but it takes me approx one hour for one page. Do the math on that one. Like, do you think it is worth your money? Forget about the time, as you can pay a pro to translate it for you. Sadly, not all students who claim to be fluent in Spanish are. OK, as we say... your mileage may vary.
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    I agree with all the comments. I'm from Mexico and I tried to sell to spanish audience, and almost all of them are looking for free stuff. There are buyers of course but much less than the US audicence.
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    Thanks for the info, guys. This is great food for thought.
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