What would you do with 300usd budget?

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What suggestions would you give to someone who wants to start an online business with a $300usd budget?

Be as specific into the steps needed to get the maximum profit from your money.
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    Start an online store selling some product (info or physical, whatever you prefer). BTW, you can do that for less than $300.
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    Seems like it would be relatively easy if you have an ebook that claims to know ""How To Rank Your Website On Page One In DAYS"?
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    Hosting,domain name , autoresponder and fb ads
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    Try the search feature. You'd be surprised what comes up

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    Set up a blog for a few dollars a month and put the rest in the bank until you need it.
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    Invest on SEO services (make sure they are from legit). Content Writing and Design
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    Two things, OP:

    1. How I and most other people invest 300 bucks will differ from the most efficient way for you to invest it.

    2. I spent 6 years in university to learn economics, 21 years in a home office to learn IM, 25 years in whatever spare time I had to learn to write novels and screenplays. In 40 years on the planet I've picked up a few other things as well. Point is: rarely in life are the perfect answers given to you on a plate. You have to work for them.

    I do see where you're coming from. 300 bucks represents a significant investment for you and it makes total sense to learn how best to invest it. The trouble, the hole in the current plan, is this: you won't receive a single answer in this thread with the step-by-steps you desire.

    You need to figure out your passions, your expertise, your experience, your knowledge, and with those in mind, you need to dig in and put in the hours.

    - Tom

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    Originally Posted by clmr1975 View Post

    What suggestions would you give to someone who wants to start an online business with a $300usd budget?

    Be as specific into the steps needed to get the maximum profit from your money.
    If I only had $300 bucks, I'd probably start writing to get some money coming in. When I say writing, I mean either writing content for sites that pay you for your written content and/or writing content for other marketers/companies. You might want to check out Writer Help Wanted by Ron Douglas and Alice Seba for more on this.

    After I got some money coming in from that, I'd use some of the money to set up something that generates residual income, where you can publish content once but continue to profit from it (something like niche blogging or having a PLR store). For niche blogging, I'd recommend Affiloblueprint by Mark Ling or Google Sniper by George Brown (lower price point of the two).

    Good luck,
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    With $300 you can easily start a CPA marketing Business or do a shopify store and sell using FB ads
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    At a minimum, you probably need hosting space and a domain or two. The rest will depend on what you decide to do with that.
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    For most people, the question is the exact opposite - 'I want to develop my business, so where can I get some capital?'

    My advice would be keep your capital safe, for now - let's look at the business first.

    There are so many businesses, even if we limit it to internet businesses, that it's impossible to give detailed advice to cover all the possibilities. The guiding principle is to do something that people want (otherwise you won't make money) and that you're passionate about (otherwise you'll give up in the inevitable hard times).

    Find the business first, and it'll tell you when it needs investment.

    For example, if you choose "straightforward" internet marketing, you can get a domain name, get hosting, source products, and build a sales funnel, all for relatively modest investment, probably without having to touch your capital. Then you will clearly see where your business needs the capital investment, for example paid advetising, or product launch promotion, or whatever.

    Choose your business - then let the business choose the capital investment.

    Mike Pensbury
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    Flip side scenario, ))

    Keep the 300, don't spend anything until you have a plan for making money online.

    In many instances people walk into a Casino and gamble money "thinking" they will make money.

    Sadly most of the time they leave the Casino broke, because they did not have a realistic expectation.

    There are a lot of business opportunities out there today, that tend to look like gambling...

    If this is a one time attempt at making money, then make sure you have the highest level for success...

    Dont depend on someone else's definition of a working plan, create your own, but do so in a way that creates the best scenario for success.
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    Same question has been asked a thousand times before and will probably be asked a thousand times again.... I wonder if anyone has actually profited from the advice/answers given?

    Now take your question for example;

    Look at some of the answers you are getting, rehashed one liners that help nobody from folks who have more than likely never made a dime online...

    It's vague, tells us nothing about your experience, what you've accomplished, where your strengths lie etc. So how do you expect any solid information?

    I get it, you hate your Boss, your life sucks, you want the "freedom" and wealth that comes with MMO, just like that guy in the ad with the house the cars etc....
    UNFORTUNATELY that's not how it works. The road to IM shangri-la is littered with disappointment, failure, scams,fraud and at the end a few success stories...

    So, it's not as simple as "investing a few hundred dollars and getting a whopping return in the future...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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