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Sup Warriors!

Have gotten tons of help here from my personal online business (THANK YOU!!) but am here today looking for help for some freelance work I have been doing.

As an international Executive speaker and coach Mr. Nour has been building his website Business Growth Strategy with David Nour

We want to find a way to target corporate executives that may be interested in hiring him for his services. I have been using the popular social medias, developing blog and newsletter, but dont have a way to really get new leads that will result in him getting a new event sign up.

If any one has any ideas at all, I would love to hear em!!

Thanks for checking out my dilemma.

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    The best way to target corporate executives is LinkedIn.

    Of course ads would allow you to scale but here is a free strategy to get started with:

    You can send 5000 connection invites on LinkedIn for free(and even get it reset by just asking support if you get enough connecting with you). You can only connect with people on your network or those in the same groups.

    So go join the relevant groups and than send connect invites to your most targeted leads. Do not just press the connect button, send them a personalized message. Once you are connected start building a relationship.

    I hope this helps.
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    Niche down and JV.

    Corporate executives in what field?

    I also recommend using quieter language than you are used to the IM field. B2B is more serious and if you come on as really hypey, executives will laugh and brush you aside.

    As I see it, having 15 years experience as a corporate exec, you have one big hurdle. And if you can overcome it, you'll get IN.

    Here's the hurdle: Credibility.

    You come out of nowhere, you're just another noise in the executive's ear. Well there are lots of those. Why should they listen to you?

    But you come in on the recommendation of your trusted JV, who already has a relationship with them and a list of the niche's buyers... you've got their attention.
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      In addition to the above, I have found that targeting online/offline relevant publications which are read by executives can be effective. Consider advertising consistent with such an audience in these publications. Even better, submit book reviews or articles that can demonstrate the speaker's expertise, with a call to action for a free book preview.

      Marketing collateral for Nour's services and/or other products should of course be included in a series of followup contact points, including multiple communication channels such as email, social media, telephone, postal mail, etc. Expect this to be an extended dance with gate keepers and a relationship-building process, not an immediate sales event.
      “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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    Your niche is a very specific and not easy to locate.

    I support the idea of Adrian Mutu.

    I believe that Linkedin is an obvious choice.

    I 'a bit pricey, but I recommend it!
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