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Hi all,
I'm setting up a membership site and want to know the best way to take payments so everyone will be in one place.

I can do it through paypal but everything is just higgeldy piggeldy, if you know what I mean. (There's no way to figure out who my subscriptions are and no way to transfer subscriptions to a new owner if I want to sell the business)

I'm sure many here have a lot of experience in this area. What do you find is best?

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    If you haven't already you're gonna need to get a membership script or some other system to manange the subscriptions.

    There's a lot of scripts with a huge range of price and features. Besides member management, what specifically are you looking to do?

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    I'm just trying to keep it simple. I have heaps of content I want to give out via paid monthly membership.
    Basically just a sign up form, some kind of payment processor - content then delivered through email/forum.
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      Hi Jeff,

      You are going to need to get a membership script like Amember or Butterfly or something like that.

      Then your problems will be solved.


      Helene Solinga
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    For payment processing, I recommend Request the Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) option, as well.

    If you sell the business, the new owner would take over the contract, accounts, etc...

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    I think if you use 2checkout or clickbank for recurring billing, they can be transferred to a new owner.


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      Originally Posted by Anthony Hull View Post

      I think if you use 2checkout or clickbank for recurring billing, they can be transferred to a new owner.


      Yes I believe they can be transferred (and CB also takes Paypal as a payment method).
      It's good to be thinking about an exit strategy. Seems like many don't.

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        DL Guard. I can't post links, but you'll find it.
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          I just got my membership site, see my sig line below.
          Sign ups are coming in fast and it has been working well.

          I used easymemberpro, I don't know if its the best but I had no issues with it and the customer support has been really fast.

          You are right about the whole paypal thing though, makes it difficult to sell but I will burn that bridge when I cross it
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    Membership scripts will not solve the paypal problem. Unless maybe the script does not create a paypal subscription but charges paypal actively each month.

    You might consider using paypal anyway since it is a very popular payment system. Many people own paypal accounts and have some spare money in it.

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    I am a little leary giving advice it sounds like you are wanting to get the customers in and then sell it.

    If you are wanting to do a membernaire tm kind of thing where your delivering content through an auto responder there is not much to it because you would be offering it at a fixed term-jimmy d browns phrase

    If your wanting to start an actual site where content is uploaded and members get access once paid there are a number of ways to do this I advise anyone starting to use wordpress for one thing you can easily add content and protect areas for multi levels. as for the paypal thing in order to receive recurring payments the account must be a verified premiere or business account that account is non transferrable. so you would need to use clickbank I am not sure if has the option but you could check with them alert pay may also allow that .

    But if the purpose of building the site up with members is to sell it you might get a lot of adverse reaction from your members so that doesn't mean they will stay
    just a thought

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