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by Jenni Mac 2 replies
Hi guys, been searching and can't seem to find any!

Does anyone have a link for any free WP themes in the keep fit/exercise/abs niche?

Be really grateful if anyone would let me know.

thanks Jenni
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    Jenni, the easiest way to "find" a theme for any niche is to create it yourself.

    It's actually much easier than it sounds...

    Find a good, generic theme that appeals to you, where the only thing you'd change are the graphics (especially the header image).

    Find a stock photo, or take one yourself, that sends the message you want to send. For a keep-fit theme, you may want to find someone exercising, etc.

    Edit the photo so it's the same size as the header image in the theme. Depending on the photo, you may have to crop it or add a background. Name it the same thing as the header image.

    Upload the theme as usual, then upload your new graphic to the theme folder, overwriting the original graphic.

    When you view the site, you should see your chosen theme, only with your new header graphic. If you took the photo yourself, you also have a unique theme that no else is using.
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