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Hello all,

In need of a little advice: I have been considering ways of approaching
my online marketing. PPC and CPA has caught my eye but I don't want
to get involved with those until later.

So, to get to the point let me give a back story: a few months ago I had
decided to list a few dozen books for sale on Amazon. These books were
sitting in the basement and I had no idea what would sale and what would

There were two books that sold the same day and these two that sold so
fast were in the same niche.

A few ideas I have are to visit book sales, and to post ads on Craigslist and
in newspapers offering to buy books, audio books, cds, etc in that niche: then
sell them on Amazon.

Once a customer purchases an item I will send out some type of flyer or catalog
with my inventory and website printed on it.

Would this be worthwhile doing?
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    If you have a minimal starting budget like that, I don't think PPC is a good idea. You can waste all of your money there, but still couldn't collect any pennies. And the playground of PPC has already too many competitors.
    You can start a blog, write about what you like (your hobbies or your professional skills), get readers and then start write your guide. You can check out the storie of Susan(, the grandma who earn 12k in 5 weeks just by blogging and selling her cheap ebook. Good luck!
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    Thankyou for that link it was inspiring and informative for a noob like me.
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    You're welcome Rondo! Everyone (gurus included) start as a noob. Keep up your work! Best wishes for you !
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