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I've made a fair amount of money with game servers and Youtube in the past years and starting in the website market now. I'm familiar with the basics of SEO and internet marketing, however I got a question about the seo of a listing.

There's currently a site listed on I'm interested in. However, I'm not sure how he got the site ranked so well in only 3 months. I had a conversation with the seller, but his english is poor. I asked him about how he achieved the google rankings and amount of traffic in a short time period, he gets almost 10k pageviews a month after only 3 months. He was vague and basically said that he reveals his strategies and seo tactics to the person who will buy the site.

What do you guys think? Is it safe to buy this site or did he boost his seo with the other sites that he currently owns, and remove the links after I purchased it so the site will derank and be worth basically nothing?

I've heard several stories about people buying a young well ranking website that was boosted by pbn link building. Links were removed after purchase and traffic decreased to almost 0 within a month. I'm afraid that's also going to happen to me, but as I said I only know the basics of seo and want advice from internet marketers.
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    Yes, links can be removed. In addition, rankings can go down for a site when it changes to a new and different business. Google knows when a domain name registration changes and if you re-purpose the site, for example to another market, Google will decide on its relevancy.

    So yes, the rankings could go south after you make the purchase.

    Be aware also that rankings are sometimes faked so be sure the rankings you are looking at are real. There are free online "ranking checkers" to help you determine if the owner is not being truthful.

    Just be cautious and follow through with your due diligence.


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    Regardless of where you buy through a marketplace or broker, doing your own due diligence is important and you're asking the right questions.

    Use Ahrefs or Opensiteexplorer to take a look at the backlink profile. You can also get some clues from using SEMrush about whether this traffic is paid or organic. (There's a 30 day free trial here.)

    Finally, take a look at this Advanced Due Diligence Checklist for further considerations when buying a website.
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