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What's up guys I need some advice so I'm 20 years old and I don't know what I want to do with my life. Ever since I was a young kid I've been an entrepreneur I've always had some sort of way to make money without an actual job even though I've had normal jobs . Everyone around me is always amazed at the deals I get and all the people that know me always have me sell their stuff because I can get them the best deal I graduated high school and my parents always told me to go to college and I said I would but I still haven't. My passion has always been motorcycles my current niche is buying and selling motorcycles on craigslist but its not really stable i want to take it to the next level some how. Its hard to build up capital right now because thats all im doing so any profits i get are just nletting me survive. Im looking for a norrmal job at the moment too but i have a prior drug felony so its kind of tough. Ive been thinking about going back to school but i have no idea what to do. Ive been trying online marketing like making websites and finding a niche but its just not my thing im way to impatient. Can you guys give me some advice on what you think i should do. Id like to make a successful known website where people would come and sell me there bikes or vehicles when their in a pinch and need cash quick so they sell it cheap, or they dont know what they have and its just taking up space in their garage and they want it gone quick. If someone could send me a pm and we could talk or just post it here that would be greatly appreciated.

I have some other ideas to I just need someone that's online savy so let's talk

Sorry for the grammar English wasnt my favorite subject and I've been drinking a little.
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    Your grammar will do though throw in a couple line breaks, please

    You say you're not patient enough to look for a niche, yet you are already in a niche and you are very knowledgeable about it. More than one niche in fact.

    You know how to sell. You know a lot about bikes and cars, plus the business of selling them.

    You could become the authority on valuing and selling that space-taker people have sitting in their garage.

    People might even pay you for the service of you researching and valuing their car/bike before they sell it.
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