Calling all experts - what do you think of my idea?

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Hi everyone.

I joined her around 4 years ago and made some good money from some educational websites (using Google Adsense) and some product review sites (as an Amazon affiliate). For personal reasons, I didn't have the time to maintain these websites and some of them became obsolete for a variety of reasons.

So, I'm back with an idea that I want to get some feedback on! I love personal organisers and am fairly creative, so I am trying to do a little research on YouTube videos and Amazon affiliate sales for personal organisers - eventually to sell my own.

My idea is to create a blogging website aimed at young/middle aged ladies, particularly those with kids. I will use YouTube to create some videos of the sorts of personal organisers I own, with the idea that I will sell these in time to come.

What I am trying to figure out is the following:

- How many stationery related videos on YouTube go on to sell products? I've looked through dozens of these videos and there are usually affiliate links included, but these are low cost products and I'm pretty sure they don't sell very many. My product review videos are very popular, but they don't convert to sales. They ONLY seem to convert if they link to my website. So how can research more about conversion in this area? Should I contact some of the users?

- How can I find out personal organiser sales on Amazon? I have found the 'best sellers' within each category, but that doesn't tell me much. I don't know volume of sales and I don't know how they compare to other categories!

I love the idea of being able to create my own personal organisers, but I'm not sure whether I would be able to make much money, bearing in mind the time it takes to create them and the cost of the stationery itself.

These are the potential ways to make money:

- Google Adsense - there are some fairly lucrative keywords around this topic, although very competitive.
- Amazon affiliate sales of organisers and stationery
- Selling my own personal organisers from my website.

Any thoughts?


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    Do some of each and see what gives you the best return for your efforts. I wouldn't shy away from setting up your own website. It doesn't matter if there is a lot of competition for keywords, because you'll probably rank for a lot of long tail keywords in the process of building it up.

    Plus you could set up an Etsy account and start selling organizers you make on there at the same time.

    Then drive traffic from YouTube to your site, capture emails by offering a freebie of some kind (guide to creating a personal organizer - cover a specific aspect of that if you can that will be interesting), then sell both your own organizers to your subscribers, plus promote organizers on Amazon to them as well, but give them free advice through your blog, design techniques, etc...and keep sending subscribers back to your blog each time you make a new post.
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      Joan gave you good advice. You should open up an Etsy shop and try selling on there.

      With Youtube, you should start making 2 videos a week and just keep doing it every week. If you are trying to build up a brand, having all that content out there will really help. You said that your product review videos convert if you link to your website. So make a website for your product and link to it. Also reach out the the people who have watched your past videos and let them know of your product/brand and youtube channel.
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    My product review videos are very popular, but they don't convert to sales. They ONLY seem to convert if they link to my website.
    Set up a squeeze page and opt-in people from your videos.

    Set up a follow-up series of helpful information that "recommends" certain products. You could include information about making them (as you do) and even create a simple ebook you could sell.

    IMO this is the perfect type of niche for relationship building. Crafty people tend to congregate in groups to share ideas and resources, and of course to show off a little.
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      Thanks everyone. Really great advice.

      My only worry is how do I find out if there is a demand for this product? I've started websites in the past with great intentions, but haven't made money because I didn't do the research...

      Jodie Smitham

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    Well, to find out if there is demand, you said your videos are very popular. I would test a few as quickly and cheaply as possible. And include a link to your website.

    It would ideally be a landing page of some sort. Tell them who you are, what you got for them, what it will do for them, and tell them what to do next. Sign up for a thing.

    So then put a few of these videos out there and see if you get sign ups.

    Of course, when they opt-in, you could have them go to a short product review on the thank you page, so you can test if you can sell an affiliate product form your own website.


    PS. You don't need anything fancy. Just a simple, minimalist template WP site. There's loads. Google them. Then strip it down to the bare essentials. Blank space for words, looks halfway decent.

    Ideally you would be able to track clicks on your YouTube links back to your page, and conversions of your opt-in form. So you can tell how many views to clicks you got, how many signed up, etc.

    I use Ad Trackz Gold for this (not an affiliate or related in anyway).
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    Hi Jodie. I think the educational market could still be awesome, the greenest pastures with the most potential if you can find the right product. I have something for this so pm me if you are interested.

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    If you are not looking to create your own organizers, yet want to include some creative options for your audience, I believe Etsy have an affiliate program.
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