XSite Pro 2 graphics capability?

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I've been looking for an inexpensive website design software program to replace my MSO Publisher for my Lacy Quarter Horses website. Since I need some help with SEO I am considering XSite Pro 2. I was looking at the posts about XSite Pro and it's template issues. I would like to keep the logo design that I currently have. Can I customize a logo with it? I have lots of photos on my site edited in an MS photo program. Will that work with XSite Pro? How about Coffecup Visual Site Designer? I'm not certain which would be the best fit for me and since I'm so "electronically challenged" I need all the expert advice I can get.

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    I use XSP 2 myself and love it. It is easy to use to me, as far as using the photos you have uploaded to site I have never had any problems with that myself. And you can custom a banner as well. I really am happy with xsp but thats just me. Not anything that I have ran across that I couldnt do with my xsp software. It come withs tons of templates, you can make your own. Also if you dont have the money to spend why not try wordpress alot of people use that and love it. I use that as well but I just use it for blogs on my sites and stuff like that. Well hope this helps you out good luck.

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      I use Xsitepro for some of my sites.
      If I want a very specific layout I pay someone to design the template. There are plenty of very good designers in the Xsitepro messageboard

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        Could you take a look at my website Lacy Quarter Horses and tell me if it looks like something I could duplicate with Xsite pro?
        Tell me more about wordpress.

        Many thanks,
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    Originally Posted by Kristi61 View Post

    Can I customize a logo with it? I have lots of photos on my site edited in an MS photo program. Will that work with XSite Pro?
    XSite Pro is not a graphics program so while you can control where your logo appears on the page - you cannot "customize" your logo.

    Same goes for your photos. You can control where they appear on the site but you cannot "edit" the photos.

    I had a look at your site. Yes you can make something like that in XSitePro, in fact you can make something much better.

    Good luck!

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    I use XSitePro2 for all of my sites, while some graphics come with the templates you will need software to design custom graphics or check Elance for someone to design it for you. I personally have an older version of Photoshop that does everything that I need it to do and I then import the banner, photo, etc. into XSitePro. You can find older versions of Photoshop online at numerous sites including eBay. Of course there many other photo editing software programs out there, this is just my choice.
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