Virus Experts - Trusted Warriors - Can I have your help?

by Kurt 7 replies
I posted a WSO and a new warrior posted claiming they got two virus warnings from their virus software concerning my free Tuelz download.

There's no viruses in my software and Warriors have downloaded them for years with no reports.

Of course, this person's post can have a very bad impact on my WSO, so I'd greatly appreaciate if some well known Warriors can download the Tuelz and run a virus scan on the download.

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Please post your results on this thread...I'll point a link to this thread from the WSO.

Thanks, I greatly appreciate it.
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    I just done it and it looks ok
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    Tried it to, I use AVG by the way - works fine
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    I scanned it with AVG, Avast, and 2 others I use from a boot CD...nothing....
    Did they say what software they received this in?
    Does the software make any calls to the internet at all? Some uncles, cousins, friends, nephews...virus scanner might false read it as a trojan or something then lol...

    BUt as far as I can tell looks good...
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    Kurt, upload your files one by one to VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan

    There, your files will be scanned by 36 different antivirus and anti-spyware engines.

    This is not to say this is 100% accurate, but it is pretty darn close.

    Also, ask the person making the claim of a virus warning which software prompted the warning. Then have them or yourself submit the samples to the AV lab for analysis to determine if a virus is present or if it is merely a false positive.
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    Scanned with Panda, and they are fine. Ive had a couple of Kurt's files for a few years now.

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