eBay Sues Alleged ‘Cookie Stuffers

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For those who are thinking about techniques like 'cookie stuffing':

Digital Point's Shawn Hogan Sued for Cookie Stuffing | Monty's Mega Marketing
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    I heard about this at another forum - pretty crazy stuff here, used to visit that site back when it launched, he probably owes me some money!
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      For those interested in this, here are the court docs. It is pretty interesting the trouble he went through to avoid getting caught (which didn't work).


      I believe that the figure that ebay was going to owe Shawn was 7-8 figures for he month...so you can imagine the kind of target that he made himself.
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        So - this explains the CJ settlement in which CJ "unknowingly allowed" some affiliates to run software that effectively stole commissions from other affiliates"?

        Guess so - I was probably slow in figuring it out. And then ebay left CJ - tangled web or just coincidences?

        Eight figures would be tens of millions - you'd have to stuff an awful lots of cookies to reach anything near that so wonder if the numbers are exaggerated. Doesn't really matter as I think he's toast on this one.


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          Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

          And then ebay left CJ - tangled web or just coincidences?

          Exactly, I thought the same thing when I was reading the complaint.

          It all makes perfect sense now. Ebays going after everybody either directly or indirectly.

          I was a little surprise when the complaint posted the numbers of only $5k for 4 years of stuffing.

          I think that number will be exceeded and proven in court at a trial (if it gets that far)

          Also these guys face criminal charges according to the complaint You don't want to mess with the Feds.

          Besides the civil they have PC and fed criminal violations. Major stiff sentences for mail fraud and RICO violations (life)

          Frank Bruno
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    I guess this is why eBay took their affiliate program away from CJ then

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