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Hello there,
I'm looking webhosting for my clssified wordpress site.anyone can tell me Good webhosting company for low cost.
Website Hosting Services, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers - HostGator is too help me soon.
how about godaddy webhosting??
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    PLEASE, please use the search function provided by theWF. This question, or something very similar is asked day after day.
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    I am currently using Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and never had any problem with their service so far. Uptime is very good and customer support is also very good.

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    Ive come across this question many times. Isnt this a repeat question?
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  • Let me give a different answer to your question than what most people will give:

    There is no such thing as 'good' webhosting that is 'low cost.'

    The two don't go together. Would you expect the quality of a house that sells for $10,000 brand-new to be of the same quality as a house that sells for $1,000,000 brand new? Of course not. There will be a huge difference in quality between the two.

    You get what you pay for. If you plan on being a professional, get professional-quality hosting. If you're going to run a cheap business, then any cheap host will work just as well as any other other, but any cheap host will also have just the same problems as any other.

    Btw, most of those cheap hosts are all owned by the same company now: Endurance International Group (EIG). All of these hosts will have the same issues because they all utilize the same servers:
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    From prior experience I would suggest you avoid Godaddy. As many others will tell you it seems they prefer to spend their budget on Superbowl ads rather than actual customer support.

    As for finding other hosts, I see Warrior Forum has its own hosting offers section:
    Web Hosting Offers

    The folks over at Web Hosting Talk know their stuff very well and also have a dedicated offers forum you can browse through.
    Easiest Web Hosting
    • WordPress hosting from $0.84/month. Perfect for small projects and aspiring bloggers.
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  • I've been running an experiment site for the past four years on a free hosting provider

    I’ve put up this site to test the free hosting from and free pseudo-domain from – I have no affiliation with either, and started out fairly sceptical of the free services. So, here’s where it’s at after 4 years:

    Firstly, the site is still up – I just renewed the free “domain”. Response time seems decent enough.

    Here’s the uptime report:

    Summary Statistics Report for

    Since: September 7, 2011
    Outages: 327
    Total Uptime: 98.989%
    Total Downtime: 1.011%

    So breaking that down a bit:

    Total time since launch: ~35064 hours
    Downtime %: 1.011%
    Downtime as time: 354.497 hours = 14.7 days
    To be honest, that's better than some of the paid hosts mentioned above.

    Personally I steer well clear of EIG companies. I've been through VPS, dedicated servers, high cost shared and low cost shared. I'm now on a mid-upper priced shared account and I find it the best balance of cost and convenience.
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    There are places you can get webhosting for free or close to free ( like $1 a month for example). But like with anything cheap you kinda get what you pay for. I've been using Host Gator for the last 5 years or so and havan't had any their rates are really affordable.
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    I am with GoDaddy and have had excellent support from them. BUT! The thing is, a friend asked me to JV with her on a site and when I logged in to her WP dashboard, I found that she had a crazy number of plugins and ALL of them needed updating. The place was a mess.

    But get this!

    Her site loaded in like 0.6 seconds. I was gobsmacked. I am moving to her hosting company when my GD term is up - she's on Bluehost.

    And a P.S. - you should learn how to increase your site speed too cos that plays a big part in how well your site will do. I recommend getting to grips with the right plugins.
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    The bigger question is who offers the best support. If you have to ask the question in the first place, I'd say that you will need support. I certainly did in the beginning. By the way, D9 has excellent support.

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    I use GoDaddy, and it is fantastic, honestly unbeatable. It is also very cheap if you use coupon codes found on RetailMeNot.
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    Does anyone have experience with JVZoo hosting? I'm an affiliate there, and don't want to promote it unless people have had good experiences with it.
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  • Profile picture of the author talking now use SSD's for their premium hosting plans. The price is very good for pure SSD hosting and they include a free application firewall to block hacks on scripts. This host is respectable and trustworthy.
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    You may not get both facility at a time. If you want to use the low cost, you may not get the best quality service. So you can check with the hostgator or, Godaddy. I am sure these site provide top quality service. You can use any of them. Thanks
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    I know everyone preaches that you can start a successful internet business for free or next to nothing.

    However, when will people actually remember that this is a business you are starting. I appreciate that everyone's situation is different, though I honestly believe you are going to struggle an incredible amount to grow a successful business if $5 per month is too expensive.

    I would highly recommend selling a service to build up a tiny amount of capital and acquire some of the fundamentals before you begin your adventure.

    In the day that it has taken to post and check this thread over and over, you could have made a post on the correct area of the forum, offered a ridiculously great offer and earned the $5 the hosting costs.

    If you put a post out saying that you need $5 to start your business and you are willing to write a 2000 word post for someone, or design a graphic or do data entry for a few hours, you could have had your website hosted today. Yes, I know that is a ridiculous way to make money from a business standpoint, though if you need the $5 to get going, doing a day of hard work for next to nothing is an option!

    If you want to succeed in business, stop looking for the cheapest possible method and start doing the work.
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    Recommend you use web host of hostgator or goddady. This is providers host reputation, a lots of people use and support thoughtful.
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    Originally Posted by Rashmika Uluwatta View Post

    Hello there,
    I'm looking webhosting for my clssified wordpress site.anyone can tell me Good webhosting company for low cost.
    Website Hosting Services, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers - HostGator is too help me soon.
    how about godaddy webhosting??
    You might consider HostNine - Affordable Web Hosting, Reseller, VPS & Dedicated Hosting - affordable and great customer support.
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    I've found A Small Orange very good - their support is MUCH better than HG & friends. I have got a few plans with HG but I've got my main VPS's with ASO.
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    You can try GoDaddy. Or Yahoo Webhosting. Or Blue Host. How big/extensive of a site are you looking to create?

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    you may search in the web for getting renowned and established web domain company. I think you will get your information.
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    I highly recommend, because the service is fast and reliable, support is very helpful and prices are reasonable. Secondly it's easy to navigate on their site. This coupon saves 20% off shared hosting: JOH20.
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    I recommend Stablehost, it is affordable, reliable and fast. Don't try out unknown hosts or random hosts that will down your websites anytime. Look for somehow reputable host like Stablehost! Stablehost don't overload your website! This makes your website really really fast!
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    I have my own Wordpress blog. I useоsting as blog hosting. This provider meets my requirements to the fullest extent.
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    You should look at these 4 :

    MediaTemple (dot) net
    and Namecheap hosting
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      Originally Posted by greenowl123 View Post

      You should look at these 4 :

      MediaTemple (dot) net
      and Namecheap hosting
      Only Namecheap is good here. Bluehost and hawkhost are slow, not recommended. Cheap not equals to good. Stablehost and Namecheap are two of the ones that are cheap, but they are reliable with good uptime for website hosting. Once your website visitors reaches hundreds of thousands or millions per month you can consider changing to dedicated server.

      For example, I paying >less than $1000 but making 60k-70k per month. That's how a website profit, it is better than opening a shop in reality where you need to pay high cost of rental.
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