What would be the best service to sell online?

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Hi Warriors.

Some where I heard someone say that if you are not good at affiliate marketing try to sell a service to people.

What is the best service to sell online and where can one go to get the information on how to start selling service online?

I see that there are many here on the forum that is selling bookmarking service, article writing service (a service I cannot offer to people) and a directory submission service.

Are there any other services to that can make people some cash?

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    I guess it depends on your skills/talents.

    What kind of services do you want to offer?

    After that, it's simply a matter of finding the people who need your help.
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    Check out the Warrior Special offer section. There are plenty of ebooks on how to make some cash. Pick something you enjoy doing and make it work. Best advice I can give you.
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    go to elance.com and either click on
    the 'get services' or 'provide services' links at the
    top of the page.

    That should get you started.
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  • There is not "Best" anything. What there are is people with interests in particular markets/services/products.

    Your ability to find these people, and put an offer in front of them then get that offer to convert is what makes it "Best".

    **** Berry is a product that is "Best" for some marketers... who have cashed in big time. Yet other people who have no idea how to promote it have made no money at all.

    It's not about the product or service it's all about matching solutions to problems and if you lose sight of that then you won't make any money.
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    The best service to sell is traffic. If you know how to get traffic to a website that converts visitors, then sell how to do that.

    Traffic to websites is like toilet paper to your a$$... EVERYONE NEEDS IT.
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      what is something that you know more about than the average person...

      It doesn't have to be related to IM or even online. I guarentee you know something or can provide something that others need you to do for them or provide the knowledge.

      one of the things I usually need it someone to write articles for me or to submit them...

      It can be time consuming at times but almost anyone can do it. They just need to be able to type, maybe some research and then submit it or send it back to the client.

      You can think of something...there are lots of business that need your help especially offline business owners. They are generally clueless on any kind of internet exposure or website tech...

      Just some thoughts to get your wheels turning...don't rush into anything.
      Remember...YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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        I know i can do it....

        I know how to do bookmarking and rss submission. Now I like to ask the ones that have bought bookmarking service. how do the report look that you get after you buy the service? are they links? or a screen shot?
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    READ THIS Whether you are marketing services of product. This is only one secret to online success.

    I can understand your frustration, simply because building a business online is more difficult than building a business in the Brick and Mortar world. (I know, because I have tried both!)
    First things first, you need to avoid any advertisement, sales page or inducement that tells you how you can make lots of money overnight or in a few weeks or even 60 days. These ads are no more realistic than the lose ten pounds overnight nonsense.
    The unscrupulous marketers use your desperation against you to get you involved in their scheme. (I personally challenge any of these so-called marketers to prove they can make thousands in 48 hours from scratch!)
    The problem to making money online is two-fold:
    1. Expecting to make instant money (Instant gratification) with little or no effort. You are NOT going to make money quickly! It takes time, sometimes a few weeks and sometimes a few months and a lot of work.
    2. Wasting huge amounts of efforts on things that do not work.
    Most likely, the area you are working in is not yet giving you a return because you are spending too much time on things that are not working.
    Without knowing the program you are following, the advice you have been given and the process by which you are using to earn money online, it is difficult to critique what it is you are doing that is not producing an income.
    However, I can give you some general techniques that may work for you:
    There are two basic rules to making money (this applies in the real world as well as the online world):
    Rule #2 If you are not making any money online, refer to rule #1
    Have you ever been in a store and there was a lady handing out free food samples? You tried it, you maybe didn't buy the product, however, it gave you a good feeling and you appreciate the store more because they did something nice. This applies in the online world as well.
    Make a webpage where you will giveaway something, sort of like a free sample, in exchange for the visitors email address. (You can use a simple html formmail or if you do not have access to that through your domain server, you can use the free PHPlist program.)
    Here is a good example: FREE Miliion Dollar Advertising Report
    Whatever you do, make sure your freebie is valuable enough to get your customer to come back. Many marketers make the mistake of giving away some PLR report or software that is essentially useless to the recipient. Make sure it is useful, and if it is software, make sure it works. (Would you be happy if the free food sample at the store tasted like spoiled milk?)
    Once you have their email address, send the freebie, and NOW, you are beginning to build a list. Start to promote that Free Report page everywhere! In forums, twitter, blogs, article directories, web directories.
    The trick is to build a targeted list of people who are ALREADY interested in your product/brand/website, because THEY requested your informational freebie. Now use that list and email a newsletter, or short message promoting a different aspect of your business. Send out a new angle each week or 10 days.
    I realize I may have oversimplified this process, yet it is an effective course of action, and the basic meat and potatoes is right here!
    If you need more info or would like to learn more visit my resource box below.
    Hope this helps!

    Visit the Plug In Profit Site for more information on how to make money online.
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    It depends upon who your customers are, and what their
    biggest pain is.

    As an example, my customers are webmasters and website
    owners, and one of their biggest pains is not enough traffic,
    so the info products AND the services that I sell often focus
    on traffic generation (see my sig file).

    Incidentally, I've been online since 1996, and lack of
    traffic has been a problem since then, and probably before.
    You want to also focus on a problem that is persistent, so
    that your efforts can pay off long-term and you're not
    looking for the next latest-and-greatest to sell your

    You want to offer a service that tackles a problem that your
    customers are already painfully aware of! Having to educate
    them as to the problem is too difficult for many marketers.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    Downloading Stone Evans FREE eBook called Dotcomologycan enhance your traffic.
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    You're most welcome. Believe me i gave up internet marketing countless times. I could have been nowhere if not for persistency which no marketing eBook can teach you.
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
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