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by cganz
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I need some help.

I just started a new wordpress blog. I need to import tables (html) from my website so that I don't have to add over 700 products manually to this new blog website.

Right now I have the products in various html pages on my website with graphics, links etc.

Does anyone know of a relatively simple way of tranfering these tables from my website to my blog without having to re-enter all the data. I know I will probably have re-enter some of the graphic links etc. but I hope not to have to enter all of the data.



PS I tried to find a plugin but the only one I could find is not really convenient to use. (wp-table)
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    I'm not sure if you have already tried this, but there should be a tab on your editor to view the source.

    Just copy and paste the source code from your current website to the source code in the WP editor.

    You may have to update a few snippets of code and may have to clean it up a bit, but this should be an easier way.

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    Thanks for the help. I've tried this and it does work but requires a lot of correction which makes it a real pain.

    I also need to find a way to hide an address bar url. Here is the problem. If I want to avoid entering over 700 products to my site, I can just put a CLICK ME link to a page on my old website that already contains the products and information. The problem is that once you click to that page it is now available to anyone as long as they have the link. The page in WordPress is protected by membership software but once I put the link to a page outside of WordPress I lose the privacy of the membership.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this problem?
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