Need advice: What parts of site management can be farmed out to Fiverrs?

by TheGMa
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Hi all!


1. I can write
2. I know how to accumulate targeted traffic PDQ
3. I know several successful ways to get the click-through's for affiliate sales, but am behind the times

SIDEBAR: I never have and never will use Clickbank, and it's looking as if AdSense is becoming more trouble than it's worth. But that's for another thread to start (or not) after performing forum searches to see what y'all have already said on the subject.

That's about at it. Too many things have changed since I was last selling on the 'net and at almost 70, I do not want to spend a mess of time learning all the new stuff like

Other quickie media trends (I'm good on Facebook & Google +)
Setting up my Wordpress
Choosing the right blog theme (image is immaterial, I can make my own)
Setting up CMS
and Blah << things I don't even know I should know

1. How much of that do you feel I can purchase on Fiverr without wishing I hadn't?
2. I am learning the nooks and crannies of Facebook. What should I concentrate on next?

Thanks for your advice.

- Annie
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    A lot of really good questions. I can't answer them all, others can help, but I will mention a few things.

    1. Be very careful with Fiverr. You can get just about anything there, but there really is a wide range of usefulness and quality in the gigs. Find sellers that you trust. A lot of stuff that is sold is simply stolen online from other people. Original copywriting is often not original. Unique logos are often copied or the elements of the logos are scraped from online sites. Products are ripped off under the guise that the seller has permission to peddle the product. You probably know all this.

    2. Go with what you know and what has worked for you in the past - how to get targeted traffic, how to get click throughs, how to use FB. You can learn the newer stuff, one thing at a time, as you proceed. Marketing tactics and strategies change all the time so just get good at a few and learn the new stuff as you have time and interest.

    3. As far a site management goes, I would suggest you do that yourself. You can do it and it doesn't have to be complicated - you can keep things simple and still have a great site. You might need to outsource something occasionally, but it can be done almost painlessly if you find people you trust. Many Warriors offer their services for such things right here at the forum. Leverage and automation are your friends.

    Immerse yourself and focus on the things that you can do. When something stops you in your tracks get some help then move on. Profitable online business is not about how technically competent you are personally. It's more about knowing what needs to be done and pushing through it (whether that's you or someone else).

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Thanks, Steve, for stopping by and for the excellent reply. Coming from you, it's exactly the boost I needed.

      I have laid out my plan and told I was wrong so many times (not fast enough, takes too long to make any money, nobody is doing that anymore, and so forth) that I was beginning to suspect I had the right plan all along.

      Due to other commitments I can't get started for a few weeks yet, but now I'll have no problem jumping in.

      My goodness! I just visited your site - very, very impressive. I am so glad you understand that online is the same as bricks & mortar. You've been bookmarked.

      - Annie
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    i 70 year old imer obvioously has a lot of knowledge. without knowing your situation though, it's hard to give the right advice. are you looking for quick money? are you looking to spend some time branding yourself? you looking to help people?

    this may be a shot in the dark, but you might want to try youtube and create informational videos in what you yourself learned over the years. use adwords to make a little cash and throw in some affiliate offers or create your own info product and push it on youtube. the great thing about youtube for the older generation is that when people are gone, their knowledge and spirit lives on.

    pm me if you want to brainstorm or toss around ideas. steve b had some great advice and as you can see is a very respectable member here. when there is a will, there is a way. don't let anyone tell you you can't do something for whatever reason. part of the fun in life is trying to figure out where all the pieces of the puzzle fits.
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