Question for Indian Warriors regarding accepting payments online?

by paawan
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Hello fellow Warriors!

I am working on creating a few products and prior to that, I am also working on launching my first WSO. Currently, I am based in India, and even my bank account is in an Indian bank. My question was for other people who are working from India, how do you accept payments online?
I decided to post this question as a thread as this will help many Indians who come on WF in better understanding all the methods they can use for receiving payments online.

I also have a Paypal account since 2007, which I use to make payments online for various products that I purchased, including WSOs. But it doesn't give me any option to start accepting payments or creating a sell button. Do I compulsorily need a Paypal business account for that?

What's the most cost-effective way of accepting payments online, which results in maximum amount reaching your bank account, rather than paying too much in commission to companies like Paypal?

P.S. I also have a Residence Visa of U.A.E. and can open a bank account in Dubai, if that would help? I know that income in UAE is tax-free but I am not sure whether I'll be outside of India for more than 183 days (for Non-Resident Indian Status) to take benefit of that, hence I wanted to deposit my online earnings in my Indian bank account to use here, as I am currently based in India.

EDIT: I am sorry, but after posting this, I again took a look at Paypal, and this time linked my bank account with it, now I am able to withdraw money for FREE, but it says 5-7 days, hence, I would like to add, any other way for faster money?
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