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Hello everyone:
I was recently introduced to this forum. I am seeking your assistance in getting started with making a living online. Due to certain medical challenges, I am no longer able to work outside my home. I have the following qualifications and work experience:

Doctor of Medicine
BSc in Math
BSc in Chemistry

I have 5 years training in Pathology
I have worked as a Medical Doctor for 6 years
I taught Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics at university level for 6 years
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  • I'm not the most qualified to answer your question, as I've just started out myself. However, based on your credentials and background, my first thought would be to turn the courses you taught into a series of comprehensive videos, and include an option for paid tutoring.
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      Originally Posted by takecareerofyourself View Post

      I'm not the most qualified to answer your question, as I've just started out myself. However, based on your credentials and background, my first thought would be to turn the courses you taught into a series of comprehensive videos, and include an option for paid tutoring.
      Agree. Start with and your video camera.
      Good luck.

      Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
      . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    Since you're going to be stuck home, first thing you have to be is try to learn and research as much as possible. Look up names like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Andre Chaperon, Ben Settle, etc and study their training.

    One advice I can give to you is focus on building up your list in a niche you're passionate about. This might all sound like French to you now, but definitely look up list building and email marketing and master that.

    Good luck!
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    Are you looking for passive or active income?

    If you're looking for active income, you might want to go into freelance writing.

    The market for high quality, well-researched health information that is emotionally engaging is hot.

    You might want to create a social media persona, get some guest posts published at credible and authoritative health sites to get your portfolio going.

    If you're looking for PASSIVE INCOME, you can use Google Keyword Planner to look for health sub-niches with lots of commercial value. Filter those results against google searches for your keywords to weed out niches with too much competition. Eventually, you should get a short list of sub-niches that are commercially lucrative yet have low levels of competition.

    You can build a resource site on such sub-niches since you obviously have the academic background.

    If you have the medical knowledge but don't have the engaging/social media-friendly writing skills to put together COMPELLING content, work with a freelancer using sites like and upwork Feed them your research and work with someone who is quite liberal with REWRITES.

    I wish you all the best and....

    Welcome to the forum!
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    James your background is impressive. It's a shame and tragedy that you can use your skills and qualifications anymore in the outside world. But you should know that there are ways to STILL *work* a job despite not having to leave your home to do so. There are alot of legit work-from-home opportunities that can earn you a niche income. I'm not talking about business opportunities. I'm talking about real-life companies that will hire you - even if you have to work at home. (ex: online pharmacist)

    Do you still want to teach or work for a company, or do you just want an online business now?
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    Thank you!
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    Not a lot knowledge in you background, but the understanding of doctor of medicine shows me you have some great experience in creating medicine... If that is the case then i highly recommend researching in the health section and see if you can create or promote in medicine...
    Some health product....
    try start of by promoting some ones product right down your ally and take it on from there....

    Good Luck
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      Originally Posted by jumaa View Post

      If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Job To Make Up To $379/Day From Home! The program is called 45-Minute Paydays - How To Make Up To $10,000 Per Month Working 45 Minutes A Day From Home
      Now I'm confused. Your scam says 60 minutes a day but your scam website says 45 minutes? Which is it?!

      Honestly, if I were you, I would look for a joint venture with someone who can take your knowledge and create a product/funnel and spilt the profits. You develop the products, they do the market research, and drive the traffic.
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        Hey james,
        Welcome here. Sounds like you have some impressive credentials. Are you looking to still pursue those fields at home ? Or are you wanting to start from scratch in M and looking for other particular Niches ?

        - Robert Andrew
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    I would totally recommend selling helpful courses on
    Start with small courses on your topic for small prices
    ones that don't exceed 1hour training

    and test them out

    If you're afraid of speaking or appearing on camera
    that would be a big major obstacle !

    If you're that kind of person,
    I recommend you start recording some videos right now
    simple How-To videos
    and never publish them publicly,
    only send them to friends & relatives
    to conquer that fear ;-)

    + one last tip;
    I will always recommend that you start gathering your niche specific mailing list
    if you use Udemy and you sell your courses
    that is guaranteed for you
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      There's still one more detail that, understandably, was not disclosed - present finances.

      Assuming you have something set aside, I would invest in a custom "set-up" where you either purchase some web properties that already have some traffic and transactions in the "areas" you intend to build your business in (for example, online teaching, consultation, etc.) and/or hire a freelancer to "set-up" a suitable platform(s) for you to get on the fast track toward realizing ROI.

      You may want to buy into a high level coaching program that is well reputed and comprehensive for your requirements to ensure that you both learn and proactively construct all the elements of your online business properly and with effect.

      A personal assessment should be easy for you to make and simply translate your skills into courses, workshops, consulting, eBooks, podcasts, videos, derivative works and services. Realize that there are many channels and diverse commercial relationships by which to distribute / syndicate your work product for profit.

      The previous should be done regardless of your financial state and is the basis of any online business endeavor.

      If finances are not one of your strategical considerations, realize that it must be replaced by time - simply, that is the exchange rate of this and any industry.

      There is much to learn and you will need to invest a lot of time into this.

      How to make money without investing money and too much time?
      By using what others have already created in their respective categories, such as: Udemy (education), Clickbank (product marketplace), Amazon - Kindle (retail), Ebay (auction/retail), and many others depending on what direction you want to take your work product into.

      But know that traffic (the KEY ingredient to any effort) is not guaranteed even on the most popular of platforms - again, investment of money or time is required. So come into this with your eyes open, it is not going to be easy by no means.

      Your safest (intermediary) option:
      Make it your #1 job for the next two weeks to sign up to all the tutoring sites (both local, national and worldwide) to help students with their studies (you can charge your own rate in many of them and can provide services via the internet). I know people making more money with this than when they were working at their regular 9-5!

      Check craigslist job listings for home-based consultants and tutors as well.
      Post your ad offering tutoring services and maintain them active as a regular business model. Also advertise in appropriate schools, school newspapers, etc. So many students want to pick your brain and experience.

      You'll get many more ideas on this thread - but always get an email (whatever you do)!
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    You have a very impressive background!!

    First, you need to find a niche that you can work in online. A "profitable" niche. This is very, very important. Make a list of what you think you are good at. Or go to Google and research "top profitable niches" .Or search on this forum for profitable niches. Find possible niches you would like to work in..

    Start with that. Then come back to the forum and post what you found. Then ask for help on how to find out how you can research to see how profitable.

    One step at a time.

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      Hi David,

      How do I get a copy of your book ? I m interested in setting up and running my online business. I find one of the difficult tasks is to driving traffic t my website.

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    outline a decent course, maybe even in your medicine niche, buy a decent camera, look for the most controversial topic in your niche, answer it with a FREE report or video, shoot the course you outlined before with your camera, put in on udemy and alike sites, make a facebook page for it, give advice on a daily basis, and make money
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