Baby and Children Swimming Lesson - Marketing Strategy

by maxolo
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Hello Warriors!
Since 12 years my parents are running a swimming pool for babies and childrens in one of the biggest cities in our contry. They think I am worthless and cannot help them by the business. But i would like to prove them, that they are wrong.

Last month I've created a Facebook page and I am sharing pictures/movies of our childrens every week with some text. I bought Facebook ads too. Currently we have around 200 likes.

On which strategies should I focus? How should I run the campagn online? Any ideas, or maybe good articles you could recommend?

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    That is such a local service. You may want to try good old fashion marketing by passing out flyers at the park, daycare, public pools, go to different venues and educate parents about pool safety. You can start a blog and try to monetize that.
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    what about putting pull-tab flyers in groceries and starbucks and other places where you can put flyers
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    facebook , fan page, articles about the benefits of swimming for example, and related articles on this, even with video interviews and video space for children with their opinions that you can create by organizing small events with news for those who participate, giving gadgets .
    The value is created through the content and the shares offered to your audience.
    Good luck on your project
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    Yeah, parents don't know squat.....

    Originally Posted by maxolo View Post

    Last month I've created a Facebook page and I am sharing pictures/movies of our childrens every week with some text.
    Don't know about child laws in your country but hopefully you got permission from the kids parents before plastering their pics/movies all over the interwebs?...
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    Sharing flyers in local hot spots around your town will surely help.

    As far as Facebook, make sure you are sharing helpful, high-quality content on a consistent basis. You'll want these to be polished, easy-to-share tips and articles that parents would be find interesting. Reach out to similar groups/pages that parents would like and get involved in the conversation there. Keep reaching out to the parent community to start attracting likes and make sure you are running small trial Facebook ads with different interests/keywords and see which preferences are performing the best for your money. Compare post engagement with CPC and use this information to build a higher performing ad that you put more of a budget into.
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    If your parents think that you're worthless, get as far away from them as possible. Emotional abuse is real and there is nothing that you can ever do to 'convince' them that you are deserving of their respect(and love). The only thing abusers understand is power and the most powerful thing that you could do is limit contact with them.

    Create your own wealth for you and your family(wife/kids). Counseling may also be in order to de=program their negative self-talk from your head. Stop seeking approval from people that don't deserve your efforts.

    Do some research on Narcissistic Parenting and see if you can relate.
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      hey there to increase your likes and engagement post regularly, don't always just advertise things you need to build friends and relationships also!!!
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    A few ideas...........

    Facebook is good, learn all you can about proper local targeting. My question would be what other activities do parent enroll their children in and target these people.

    Periodically post to FB informative articles/posts/vids such as swimming tips, swimming safety, etc. The really good thing about the swimming gig is you cant just give away the secret on how to swim, you must have a swimming pool and the average person does not.

    Marketing focus should be on "healthy kids, active kids, health benefits, social benefits etc.

    If you had your "ducks in a row" I would suggest putting together a proposal / package to offer your local schools a fund raising opportunity - every kid goes home with a flyer, begs their parents, school gets a percentage of each sale (no idea what price point were talking about here).

    Could also use similar marketing with daycare, pediatrician, etc.

    Could offer a periodic "1 free lesson" (older kids) to get the children exited and then pitch the parents.

    My 2 cent -- Best of luck
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    Hey Maxolo!
    If you are using Facebook and want to increase engagement/reach more potential fans, I would make sure you tag get all the parents to like your Facebook Fan Page and then keep doing what you're doing. Just make sure you tag all the parents in each photo their kids are in and tell them to share the photo with their fb friends so you can get free publicity.

    The parents will probably be happy to see a picture of their kids on the fan page and would probably love to share the photo.

    Hope that helps!

    -Eric B
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      Originally Posted by EricBernard View Post

      The parents will probably be happy to see a picture of their kids on the fan page and would probably love to share the photo.
      I'd be a bit peeved actually if someone took video of me and my child to post on FB (without my consent) and it was taken during a course I was paying for.

      In fact, I'd want to be notified in advance that a video was going to be shooting for public display before I got to the pool.

      Some additional information needs to be displayed on a sign-in form or OP might find a snafu down the road.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    using the social media platform alone will not help much as you cannot transport that service to a person who is far. If you want to use Facebook, then try and find followers from your locality but much more better is to use other methods. go into schools and give information about your service, use the churches, parks and I believe you will get a lot of good feed back from that. All the best
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