Make money from your product... long before it is finished!!

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    A really great idea, haven't thought of this method of selling eBooks.

    Once I read the headline I thought that you will be talking about selling coaching programs and then transfering them into video or audio products.

    Sounds like it's something worth a try, especially for me, as I am starting to write a new case-study based eBook/course now.

    I just want to share an idea I am thinking of now and will be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

    Having a freebie (like a small eBook - 10 pages max), talking about all the chapters, should be super-duper entertaining like you said, with a lot of curiosity left inside, maybe a mix of a content and a sales page to your chapters.

    Then you up-sell them with your first chapter and so on.

    What do you think of it?

    Best regards,

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    Great idea, thank you for sharing!

    I think that in the long run you can absolutely make more money by selling short (quality) reports vs just selling the whole course for let's say $67 or $97.

    People are not afraid to spend money on $9.95 report but would be more skeptical to pull out their credit card and purchase a $97 product.

    Also the back end is very important.

    You should find a sweet point between having enough upsells so you get your campaigns profitable, but also not too much to piss your buyers off.

    Best wishes!
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    Had to do a double take to see if I was still on the Warrior forum! This is great advice, I really like the idea of splitting up the whole product in several smaller parts, never thought of it before.
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    Nice one bro. Very inspiring for many that need a little boost and encourage.
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