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I am brand new to this forum and blogging. I started my blog about a month ago and I am slowly gaining visitors. I am using one of the free wordpress themes. I have been looking around for a different theme one that is clean, unique, and that looks professional. I found a theme called the Thesis theme and I like the appearance. Has anyone used this theme? Do you like it? Any other suggestions?
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    I've used Thesis before. It is a great theme. It is quite versatile and customizable.

    Project HERE.

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      Try going to google and search wp themes there are probably quite a few that will come up.or search this forum in the wso (warrior special offers).

      Let us help build your list
      Instant List Profit System

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      I dont know how to thank everyone, but I want to thank everyone for taking the time to respond.
      Thunderbird and Pdjsolutions Thanks! I have come across the Revolution theme in my search and it looked good too.
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      I have to say your right Sagesound the wordpress themes are not that flexible and I think I want something more unique.

      I am going to check out your review of Thesis Abledragon!

      The frugal theme looks good too Rahulchandra! I am going to look into that Thanks!

      Wow this is my first time creating a thread. I personally want to thank everyone. Sorry if I didn't thank you personally. I am a little new at this, but I appreciate all the help.

      Pdjsolutions is right though content is where its at. As I am starting to have some content I am just feeling like I would like it to look a little more professional.
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    Well, you can look at the Revolution Two themes, they are pretty good.

    Actually the themes dont matter that much, if you have quality content and a few plugins installed you can actually have a pretty good blog.

    All-in-one-seo is a plugin you might want.
    featured-content-gallery is another one.

    You can get all these from your WP admin area, just search or check the most popular list of plugins

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    Most of the free WP themes are not very flexible. You need to look at a commercial theme for that.

    But there's quite a variety of stuff on Wordpress site, and when you combine them with various plugins and widgets, you can do quite a bit.

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    as far as free wordpress themes go I'm voting for atahualpa
    the damn thing is almost as good as Thesis, does a lot of 'all in one seo' stuff included.
    You can almost NOT install 'all in one'

    I like it so much I put it on a couple of my domains, here take a look at one I used it for on an SEO client of mine:

    Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Service

    not too shabby for a free theme IMNSHO

    David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions
    Lawyer Local SEO - |

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    I use Thesis - and wrote a review here:


    By all means let me know if you have more questions.

    There are also lots of both free and premium WordPress theme sites at the bottom of this article:



    WealthyDragon - Earning My Living Online
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    Blogperfume posted a list of the Top 45 all-time best free WP themes. I'm sure you'll find one or two you like here.

    45 Best Free WordPress Themes of All Time | WordPress Blogging | Blog Perfume
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    Here are two list of top free wordpress themes as compiled by Smashing Magazine

    Their 2009 List - they have a google chrome theme that looks nice for content focused blogs in the list.

    Their 2008 List

    The theme I use on several blogs. It has been updated from the version I'm using and has Twitter integration. Very clean, flexible and seo friendly.

    Rush PBN - PRO PBN SETUP - 10 PAGE SITE !!! Premium Theme
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    Thanks Crubalo and Tom Dean I will take a look through these themes.

    I appreciate all the help!
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    If you would like a great theme which is flexible and great to work with its called the flexx theme. Go to www.ithemes.com. When I signed up, they gave me a free billboard plugin which makes posting affiliate ads etc. very easy. If i can help, let me know.
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    I also like ithemes. Good advise from Deek3870
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      Thesis is a great theme...

      I have it running on 3 sites...with plans to merge 5 more to it soon...

      Very customizable and his updates are usually really great...

      Now...I'd encourage you to keep the end in mind...and if you can even remotely see yourself starting more than one blog, then go ahead and get the developer's license.

      It has a lot of flexibility out of the box and is very easy to make changes without touching any of the code...

      Hope this helps,
      Jack Duncan

      P.S. If you are just looking for something "pretty", you may want to head over to WooThemes...nice stuff there too...
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    Hey Jack!
    Thanks for the insight. I think I may go with the Thesis theme. I only have 1 blog right now, but your right look towards the future. It may be worth going with the developers license. Thanks for the advice!
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      You can also use artisteer software to make your own wordpress theme aslo..
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        I have just installed Chris Pearson's newer version of the Cutline theme (Neoclassical).

        If you do a one-click install with Fantastico it's one of the preloaded themes you can select. It's a very clean design.

        One complication.

        You can rotate up to 5 headers. If you just want the same header all the time the easiest thing to do is make 5 copies of your personal header and name them header_1.jpg, header_2.jpg, header_3.jpg, header_4.jpg, header_5.jpg, ftp them and overwrite the placeholder headers that come with the theme.

        If you do want to upload 5 different images, just keep refreshing the page and watch them change. It's cool!

        You might also want to check out Ready Wordpress Themes .

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    ithemes has some really good professional looking themes. They are not free, but not expensive.
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  • Cutline is a good free theme that is not too hard to modify.

    Thesis is a very good theme. Why not give it a try. The great thing about wordpress is it's easy to switch themes until you find the one you like.

    Brian Gardners work is terrific on the front end but a bit cumbersome on the backend.

    The following make some nice looking commercial themes:

    Elegant Themes
    Woo Themes
    Gorilla Themes

    For some good themes on the back end... good being subjective:

    Unique Blog Designs
    One Theme

    There is a lot of good stuff. The trick is to find the one you like. Customize it a bit and find the plugins to make everything happen!
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    Google Blueberryware theme. They may have others as well.
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    I just want to thank everyone for all the feedback! I truly appreciate it
    Wow there are a lot of themes out there!
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    Just had to tell you about the plugin my son found for me. If you do wordpress, you know that working with fonts (size, type, whatever) is, shall we say, interesting? The answer you will often receive from a good designer is that you need to break into the CSS of Wordpress. If that was true I'd sure return to Blogger.

    Today my son saved my sanity. He sent me this control console (via plugin) that looks like the command post for the Starship Enterprise. Here is a picture of it:
    My new Wordpress posting panel | Greg Cryns

    You can even post a form with it.
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    Hi Jim,

    My favorite wordpress theme is Glazed.
    It looks cool and neat, it has three columns and it is very light and easy to use.
    And keepinmind that I was very picky on finding a good wp theme. I am pretty sure I 've downloaded more than a 100 themes, till I was satisfied.
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    Found this old thread somehow...
    Lots of WP theme shares though, and some
    very good free ones at that!

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