One of my YouTube videos indexes in Google and the other doesn't - any ideas what I did wrong?

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A couple days ago I uploaded a video to YouTube and it indexed nicely.

It's the first of a series of 7 and I've uploaded 5 so far.

Anyways, I really can't figure out why video 1 indexes as follows.

keyword 'blog copywriting course' = page 4 or 5
keyword 'blog copywriting course youtube' = page 1

and video's 2 through 5 don't show up anywhere.

I didn't use anything like Traffic Geyser just uploaded it myself to YouTube.

as an example here is video 1 and 2 and then what I added when
I uploaded them.

this is video 1

this is video 2

the titles are the same except one says 1/7 and the other 2/7
the descriptions are the same, same category 'people & blogs'
and same tags...

can't figure this out.

anyone have an idea... appreciate the help
#google #ideas #indexes #videos #wrong #youtube

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