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by helenl
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I'm just finishing off my first pack of PLR that I'll be launching next week. Has anyone who sells PLR got any tips for me?

It will be good quality, of course!

I've already been reading Sue Fleckenstein's blog and found some very useful info there.

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    People will want to see for themselves the quality of your content so it's great to have a giveaway pack to build your email list.

    Be prepared for refunders who will try to steal your content for free. That is a part of the business, but thankfully most will be honest buyers.

    Creating a video with you walking your shoppers through some of your content will help build trust...and increase your conversions.

    It's going to take a lot of work initially... so don't get discouraged and quit too soon.

    If you can partner up with some other PLR sellers after you get everything setup and established, then that will help tremendously.

    ~ Rhonda White
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      Show your products to IDPLR(dot)com. You could get instant exposure of your products.IDPLR is on the first page of Google for top keywords like "plr products", "private label rights products", "plr software", "plr videos " and many others, according to their website. They will market your PLR product and boost it over the Internet.
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    Pick subjects that are trending and are in high demand. Add a subscriber box for the delivery so then you can have others helping to build your list as well.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Unless you plan to build a volume shop, I suggest you specialize.

    The more you specialize, the more value you bring to the table.

    Depending on the niche you're focused on, you can command quite a premium.

    Focus on subject areas that are both lucrative AND extremely interesting to you.

    The latter is crucial because it takes quite a bit of time and effort to produce PLR materials that can't be written in a superficial way (ala Fiverr).
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      One good Warrior to take a good look at as a good model for this Biz is Tiff Lambert's Site.

      She is a wiz at this stuff. I have been a customer of her's for years.

      Check it out and watch what she does, learn, and analyze...she makes well over 6 figures a year.

      PLR Articles By Tiffany Lambert:

      - Robert Andrew
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        Originally Posted by discrat View Post

        One good Warrior to take a good look at as a good model for this Biz is Tiff Lambert's Site.

        She is a wiz at this stuff. I have been a customer of her's for years.

        Check it out and watch what she does, learn, and analyze...she makes well over 6 figures a year.

        PLR Articles By Tiffany Lambert:

        - Robert Andrew
        I agree with this 100% I have also been a customer of Tiffany. She has a product called plr atm, just google it, it is well worth the investment if you plan on selling plr


        "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    If possible to sell your PLR using membership site, and you can continue to put more products inside it to lower the refunders. You can also drip feed your product as you wish. Good luck.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    I'm assuming that you're only providing the written content?

    What else would you include with your package?

    What are you equipped to provide?

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    Thanks everyone so much for all your advice, I'm actually going to be focusing on video PLR as I'm an experienced software trainer (and Udemy instructor, too). So I hope that will help me stand out, and I may niche down further once I've got a few more products out there.

    Once I get going a membership site is something I'm seriously considering, too.

    Since I started this thread I've decided to produce an upsell as well as the front-end PLR pack, so that's delayed my launch a little but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    I think using deadlines.

    I've had PLR projects run on, and on and on.

    Now I use Office Time and set myself an hourly deadline to do the research, write the product and then edit the product so even if it doesn't sell amazing it's worth it dollar per hour wise.

    That and, as someone mentioned above, specializing. It will help you cross-sell your products easier so you instantly have back-end products in your sales funnel.
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    I would definitely give them a sample
    Pack to show them the quality of
    Your plr content, that would give them
    The confidence to buy your material.

    All the best!
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      I think one of the most important things when selling PLR is to have a firm list of what the rights are with the product.

      Not all PLR is equal.

      Some things you may want to put a price on and insist that someone reselling your PLR does not offer it for below a specific price. Or making the rule "may not be given away" as it is all too easy to not sell as much yourself if someone else buys from you and gives it away free all over the web.

      Depends on what it is.

      I personally in the past took full control of the PLR I offered and sold it directly through the WSO forum - with comments of "not to be resold" as to avoid finding it on generic PLR sites on the web. When you specialize, and list a product correctly, people will find your plr - even those who have never heard of this forum.

      As mentioned above, Tiffany is one to follow for a great business model if you are planning to do a good amount of PLR. Keep it for yourself. Once you offer it to the sites that sell everything you don't make another dime off it.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        I have always wanted to start a plr business but have never taken the plunge. I just wanted to chime in and thank everyone who added their ideas and wisdom to this thread it has been a good read!
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    Absolutely Nzchick, great advice. Thanks once again everyone for all your help.
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