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I have a blog website. It's 6 months old now. I do post continuously on it. My current page views is more than 110K per month and it's grow ing almost every day. Around 40k viaitor..

I want to monetize it now. But I don't wanna use Google adsense or similar tjings. Is there any way to sell ads pace directly?

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    Originally Posted by neelshopno123 View Post

    I want to monetize it now. But I don't wanna use Google adsense or similar tjings. Is there any way to sell ads pace directly?
    Isn't that very similar to having ads on your website?

    Ways to monetize:

    Affiliate links
    Create your own product
    Donation button
    Guest posts
    E-mail list
    Private forum/membership site
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    Two things:

    - Collect followers and/ or subscribers from day one;
    - Monetize from day one.

    Some of those people will never return; lost income.

    You can monetize in many ways but it really depends on the website in question. The obvious: affiliate offers.

    - Tom

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    Learn one way I earn money: I give away free stuff.

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  • There are many ways open to monetize the blog with 110K per month.
    This article can help you a lot monetizing your blog:
    30 Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging!

    Hope this will help!

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    Monetizing also depends on your niche. As you are not willing to use Ad networks, you need to look for either CPA offers or Affiliate products. Search on the major market place like Peerfly, MaxBounty, ClickBank, Amazon, CJ, ShareASale etc for similar products.

    If you get any product then BOOM! You can get tons of sales and commissions. If not -_- you can publish sponsored post or sell banner space on your site in order to get revenue.

    Hope this information will help you,
    Cheers man!
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    If your blog is niche blog then avoid Adsense, try affiliate marketing.
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    The easiest would be adsense I guess b/c there is no purchase involved they also pay better than the competition. Rethink about it.
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    What is your blog about? Have you considered selling your own information products, or signing up to an affiliate network and do affiliate marketing?
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    Greetings! you are able to bring 110k per month to your blog website.Now you can monetize your blog website in many ways.As you are not interested to adsense.You can do CPA marketing and So you can monetize your website by VisitMy.Co - VisitMy.Co .
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    Having that volume of traffic to your website is awesome. Another way you can monetise your website by listing it on Buysellads.com or other related companies and start selliing ad space.
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    You can sell guest post on your website...
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      Whats is yout topic?
      You could try buysellads.com

      But you need a good quality site! Otherwise they won't approve your blog.

      selling emailtemplates.info
      PM me if you are interested!

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    Nowadays there are many affiliate sites available, you can use any affiliate site to use the affiliate link. Even you can sell your own products if you have. You need to choose the relevant affiliate link to your site, by which one can place an order to buy the service or, product of your affiliate link. Thanks
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