Drip Feed Your Articles OR Submit Them All At Once?

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What have you found to be the most effective?

To submit your articles in one BANG or to drip feed them slowly to the article directories?

In your experience, has there been a difference in the result you get from your articles?
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    I like to drip them - it makes it all seem more 'natural'.
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    PS my PM system is broken. Sorry I can't help anymore.
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    Write five per day at least. You should be consistant about the process.
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    I hate advice like: "write five per day at least" and the like. No offense to the poster above me, but I'm sick to death of it.

    Sure, you might succeed if you endeavor to write your brains out day in and day out in a never ending quest. Best of luck to you if that's up your alley. Not for me.

    And what I hate is that people bandy this advice as though it's the ONLY way.

    To answer the OP's query, drip-feed is best. The reason is simple: if you blast away and get all those articles approved on the same day, they'll essentially be competing with each other for that initial burst of traffic from directories like EZA. Spread them out and you'll get more initial traffic from each article. I've tested this so many times I'm absolutely certain it's correct.

    Now, returning to my rant.... LOL

    "Write five per day" in perpetuity is what I term the "working harder" way to do article marketing.

    The "working smarter" way is to FIRST learn and do proper keyword research. Build a list of keywords that people actually search for in good numbers, but that are not so competitive as to be unconquerable.

    Now, instead of having to write articles til your brain's fried, you write fewer articles, spend some of that extra time getting backlinks to those few articles you do submit, and ENJOY THE REWARDS!

    You can quite easily achieve more traffic from 5 articles where you've followed this simple procedure than you would from writing 25 or more the "working harder" way.

    I have an EZA account with 42 articles, most of them written the old way. Some of them have been around since 2005. They total about 40,000 total page views.

    Under that same account, I have a pen name with exactly ONE article. I did proper KW research and wrote that article around a KW I found that had little competition, but several hundred people per day were searching Google for it. In just 4 months, it has almost 3,500 page views, and it's ranked #2 at Google.

    It's no contest. If you don't know from your own experience that something you're tempted to recommend is best.... PLEASE RESIST THE URGE TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH (OR TYPE).


    John <--- not really angry, just passionate
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