Just a Little Tip for newbies - IMers should already be using this.

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Peace Warrior's

Just looking at the forums - seeing a flood of spam from some love potion guru or some crap (reported, etc) - which rather annoyed me - so, I thought to combat with some a little advice to all the newbies on the forum. (I've noticed a few recurring questions being asked too, hence: read this!)

1) Google has there own tools and services for the web master - Google it! Get involved, get practicing, their tools are of high quality and are well worth a look.

2) Google also keeps a BLOG and loves to keep us up-to-date about how they work. Want to learn SEO? Goto Google!

3) The same above goes for Facebook - they have their own blog, they TELL you what they want, how to be successful with them, etc. - all you need to do is read, understand then get creative!

4) THIS FORUM is amazing - it also has a SEARCH FEATURE.
As a IMer you are going to need to learn how to search properly - this includes using forum searching correctly, Google searching correctly and Facebook searching correctly.

5) Many search engines have SECRET search hacks - well, rather unkown or uncommon.
Seriously, even Facebook!!

Search for: Google search hacks, Google search secrets, Facebook search hacks, etc. See?

IMHO: Knowing HOW to search is of vital importance to any internet marketer - and it makes you better at "the internet" in general (you can even use this rare ninja skill to impress your less savvy buddies! lol.)

Don't thank me, just absorb what I've taught you and USE IT to benefit yourself, please

I said please

Now, I hope that spammer has got bored.....

Peace be with you Warrior's
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