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This started out as a test to see what I could do with some video creation softare and I recreated a video that I have already made. Would just like your comments on the finished article. It's not about the product (whether you like it or not)

All comments and advice gratefully received.

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    Very good. am impressed for a first effort, it is as good as i have seen some people charging for as WSOs.

    btw what software did you use to make it?

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    Looks ok but kinda blurry..
    can improve in the quality picture..
    and i think better if you add your own voice
    or the customer voice for the testimonial part
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      Originally Posted by FrontLineMentor View Post

      Looks ok but kinda blurry..
      can improve in the quality picture..
      and i think better if you add your own voice
      or the customer voice for the testimonialart
      Problem is that you can't use png files, and I would need to know how to sharpen up jpegs.

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    I think the images that you zoom on in need to be better quality as they look grainy. Not bad as a teaser though.

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    I think you would be better off with less of a "trance music" track.. Imo the music is a little overwhelming in relation in what you are trying to achieve.. I actually turned the sound off to try and concentrate...
    Its also a little blurry in some parts.
    Also the red arrow might be better to add text under it at the end.. "Click Here" or tell the user what to do and where to click.

    All in all a pretty good video and I think with a few tweaks, it could be a winner.

    I wish you well.
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    Pretty sweet video.... good job...
    My only point would be the same as 'idevlop' in that the music track wasnt really doing it for me.

    All in all good job.
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    Okay. Thanks for all of your comments. I just need to work on the quality of the images and get better sound tracks.

    With regards to the latter, where can I find sound tracks to use?

    Thanks again.

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    Hey Brian.

    For a first effort, I think you did a remarkable job. I still remember the first few videos I made... one of which I published over at YouTube. It garnered 21 views in three months... all of which were mine.

    We improve with practice and with lessons learned. To learn those lessons, however, our mistakes must be determined. Other people's views are important because they will help us see the mistakes we might've overlooked.

    Hence, the views I will share below.

    Just a disclaimer, however. I am not familiar with the software you used, but I'm sure it wouldn't be as bad as Microsoft Movie Maker, so I'm going to share my thoughts based on the limitations of Microsoft's free video creation tool, ok?

    1. Take it easy on the "pan and zoom" effect. The effect isn't meant to be an aesthetic tool that is to be used gratuitously. It's supposed to simulate movement for still images so that their presentation won't appear boringly static. However, such motion can be simulated with a zoom difference of 10% to 15% for a 5 second clip. Yours have a zoom difference of around 70% to 90%, if I'm not mistaken. The motion will be too fast for your readers, and may even induce vertigo for some folks. Also, because your clips last for 5 seconds or so, the pan and zoom effect makes the images move very fast, and when the background images move that fast, less emphasis will be given to the text that accompanies them. Your message may be lost. You'll discover that the 10% to 15% zoom differential will make your slides look more elegant and professional... and yes, your texts would even be readable as a result.

    2. Be consistent with your usage of transitions. I don't see a pattern in the presence and absence of transitions in the scenes/slides of your video. I doubt if your viewers will see any, either. Transitions, when used, are important because they are the hinges that hold your scenes/slides together.

    3. When displaying text on an image that already has text, such as a screenshot of a web page, try to increase the transparency of the background image. I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to make the displayed text appear as if they're emphasizing snippets of the background image. You will achieve this once you find the right transparency to use.

    4. Work on your script. The video is too long for the message you want to convey. The video, as it is, can be streamlined to around 45 seconds. When a video runs too long, it's usually the fault of an aimless script.

    One thing I liked about your video is the pacing. You got it right. You didn't spend less than 2 seconds per slide. With the exception of one slide, you didn't exceed 50 characters - which is the utmost number of characters per slide that the eyes can possibly digest in 2 to 4 seconds.

    Congratulations, Brian.

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      I feel that with videos that make such claims, you NEED a personal connection to help convince. This video had no such thing and I think you will be hard pressed for conversions.

      The income claims in the visuals were substantial enough to point out some obvious questions such as:

      If this is true, then why doesn't the creator of this software make a personal stand behind it?

      If this is true, then why does the quality of this video look poor?

      If this is true, then how do I know those testimonials are not fake?

      If this is true, why isn't the owner of the software keeping it to himself?

      Now I am not saying your claims are NOT true, but I am saying that when you do make such claims you need to back them up with some personality, passion, and a more powerful pitch that viewers will be left saying to themselves - WOW, I have to sign up for that right NOW!
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