What is "butterfly marketing"

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Can someone please define "butterfly marketing" for me?

When I look it up on google I get vague definitions. I figured the experts in this forum would be a better resource for a good solid definition.

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    Just a program (php script) used to market with.

    Not sure if it had any real defined dictionary meaning.

    Hope that helps
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      Buttefly Marketing is understanding that very small changes you can make just 1 time early in your marketing can have a DRAMATIC effect on your results, your income and your business...good or bad.
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    I recommend getting Mike Filsaime's butterfly marketing manuscript to get all of those questions answered.

    According to the material I've read and benefitted from, originally it was birthed by Mike based on thinking about how

    tiny little changes can can produce huge results.

    Cause and effect applied to marketing.

    For instance, viral monthly continuity sites with affiliates and systems
    to increase the number of unique visitors per every new visit as in
    maintaining an ever growiing viral exponent of greater than 1 to
    ensure multiplication of revenues generated.

    The software by itself is not what butterfly marketing is,

    but is a tool in helping to implement butterfly marketing for your business.

    Taken from the salespage for the software (which I own a license),

    it's kind of how a butterfly flapping its wings a certain way in one location,

    could cause such a tiny, almost imperceptible change in the environment

    and yet that change when combined with other changes in the weather

    system could be indirectly responsible for a hurricane forming on the other

    side of the world.

    So, it's pretty much realizing that everything we do or don't do


    And then applying a mathematical scientific approach to your marketing

    online in order to set up all your butterfly wings flapping to

    create the conditions necessary for huge hurricanes of cash windfalls

    virally building momentum and expanding exponentially.

    That's been my take on it.

    But, I'd advise you to get the scoop straight from the inventor himself

    to clarify any mistakes I may have made in attempting to help define it

    for you.

    He is fellow warrior, Mike Filsaime.

    Hope this helps.

    PS. I wrestled with that salespage for months before it finally whipped me. I'm glad it did. ;-)
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    Rick and Doug,

    Thank you for explaining the concept behind the butterfly effect
    . It is a very interesting topic. I realize now why one of the episodes of this season's "Heroes" was titled the butterfly effect. In that episode, one of the characters went into the future to change one event and it ended up being a bigger change in the end.

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    LoL I just did a report on the Chaos Theory, what a coincidence that this topic just showed up.

    : )
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      Originally Posted by nair View Post

      LoL I just did a report on the Chaos Theory, what a coincidence that this topic just showed up.

      : )
      In your report do you talk about "fractal" this blew me away. Fractal has got to be able to be applied to Internet Marketing.

      George Wright
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    I bought BM manuscript and the membership site script that goes with it over a year ago now and it paid for itself in a month. Mike filsaime does know what he is talking about though some newbies can get put off by the pricing.

    For me I have never bought a MF product and not recovered my outlay really quick
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      An idea (the butterfly effect) borrowed from chaos theory that basically states extremely small changes (i.e. a butterfly flapping its wings in North America may cause a storm in South America or elsewhere) in very large systems can have very large effect.

      As it applies to business, it essentially means collecting meaningful metrics and continuing to test and tweak. A .1% increase in close ratio over 1,000,000 sales turns out to be a really large number.
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