Author Needs Help: I wrote a pretty good diet book BUT ...

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I have no clue how to distribute it.

It's called The Immortal Diet on Amazon.

Should I even be using Amazon?

Is there a better way to distribute?
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    You might want to create a different 'teaser' book that upsells your Amazon book.


    Focus on the most EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING part of your book (it appears you are focusing on longevity)

    Base the teaser on that topic and upsell your book as the SOLUTION to the problem you raised.

    Next, distribute your book using related keywords on free document upload sites.

    After that, go to goodreads and post about your teaser book.

    You should also consider going to diet forums and talk about longevity diets without dropping a link. How? Just by mentioning the name of your free book, you're promoting your book. Of course, you have to do it in context.

    What's the right context? Add value to people's lives. Your posts must fill a need.
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    If your book is already on Amazon, where else you want to distribute it? If it is sales that you are interested in – then follow the instructions by writeaway.
    All you need is a preselling ebook, a report, a PPC campaign, affiliates or your own website. There are so many ways to sell an ebook.
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      You can join the forums related to the Niche of your book and make publicity there..
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    I know you didn't ask for feedback on the book title but it's not appealing to me at all. I've downloaded a few diet e-books... I'd skip right through this one unless there was another hook to get me to click on it.

    Best of luck...
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    Distribution is handled by Amazon.

    Sales is what you are looking for now.

    The bottom line is that you need to get your book in front of the people who are most likely going to want to buy it.

    You need to get an ad for your book in front of the right audience.

    There are several ways to go about it, but the first step is to figure out "who" is most likely to want to purchase your book, then find out how you can get your sales message in front of that audience.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    The platform you sell on is not so important, i like clickbank, you need to learn to market it. there is plenty of great advice here.
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    Amazon is cool as long as you have it hosted on their site through the proper channel(s). Good first step. Is this a physical book, or digital on Kindle? You should also consider putting it on your website to sell. What is your price? You have to learn internet marketing someday. Best to learn now... even if it takes you 10-years to master it and make money whenever you want.
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    Some nice tips here.
    Amazon is good rather much better than many others in the game.
    What exactly do you want to achieve with your book?
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      Is this actually a diet book? Or some kind of New Age book? Because from a quick glance, I wouldn't see this as a diet book. And I am your target market.

      I think the one thing is believably. Being in your target market, there are SOOOOO many promises out there. I don't want to worry about being immortal. If I am searching for a diet book, I just want to lose weight. If I can make it through the week without craving a cookie, THAT would be impressive. So looking at it as "living forever" isn't something I would suggest as a "diet" book.

      I have not downloaded your book to read it, but just a suggestion, pick either the diet and fitness category and leave out the new age immortality stuff. OR pick the immortality and remove the word "diet" and go with something that is more suited to that genre.

      Best of luck!
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    Internet Marketing is the key to become a sucessfull writer.
    You want to be read to attract others to your product, and then sell your product.
    Search about inbound Marketing.
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