Hi Everyone!!!! New Here...A little about myself...Also seeking a mentor...

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Hi Everyone!

I am new to the Warrior Forum. I have lurked for a while and finally decided to join this community. There's nothing like it on the internet. The people here are truely wonderful and helpful from all the threads I have read. The people here treasure their integrity so you don't see a bunch of scams and lies. No need to wade through tons of internet sites trying to figure out what is legit and what's not. I feel like I have kind of hit the jackpot here lol

But a little about myself (Just saw Steven Wagenheim's thread about newbie mistakes and tips when they join the forum, and one of his tips was telling everyone a little about yourself) I am a 20 year college student. I was doing Pre-Med and Biology, but I changed my major to Business and Communications (parents arn't too happy about that one). I got interested in IM about a year ago. I first read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tom Ferris which I love. It opened up my eyes to the possibility of generating income online. Since I was a slight computer geek anyway I thought this was great. That's when the research began. I was reading the thread yesterday about things you wish you knew when you first started IM and the biggest one was Just do it. That really hit me because even up until yesterday I had been researching. There is sooo much to know and my brain is still trying to get it all to fit together you know? Like using back links and the right keywords and getting my site up and just so much. I know I want to get into builidng niche websites and selling affliate products through them.

So here I am ready to take the steps. Ready to get my sites up and going (I finally got some money for hosting and outsourcing articles). I am not sure of the other money making opportunities yet because like I said there is so much info out there and its hard to place it all.

This is why I would LOVE a mentor. Someone who is genuine and enjoys helping other. Who won't mind ALL my questions because I am very inquisitive. Someone who is established in the game. I WILL not waste your time, because you could be doing something better lol like making more money. I will bring dedication and a strong work ethic to the table and hopefully we will both be able to learn along the way.

One of the main reasons I am doing IM is to build something for myself for the future and to help my family. I know what its like to grow up not having much or not being able to do things because there are a lack of funds. I also want to get to a place where I can help my mother out. She does soooo much for me and I know an extra income would help her out tremendously.

Sooo, here I am Warrior Forum. Im glad to be apart of the movement.
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    Hey.. I would suggest getting into Dean Holland's Starting with Marketing Academy. I am doing it now and I am having a blast! I was once in your shoes and found a mentor was the best thing for me. If you want connect with me on facbook or twitter through my blogs, I will let you know when he opens the door to the new class. Hope this helps.
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    Welcome aboard Daughter of Zion! ... Meet Son of Acorn. lol

    I can suggest a few names for mentorship but only you can decide which matches your taste. "Some costly and some cheap. Some knowledgable and some *beep*"

    Read on and follow the yellow brick road ... the wizard is somewhere out there.

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    I am new here too so thought I'd say hi

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    Welcome Isi. Is Four Hour Work Week a book? Since we're talking about being new, does anyone have any tips for how best to start sifting through all the material here on WF? My goal is also niche websites/affiliate marketing.
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    Well i was looking for a mentor who would just like to help. Not a program that I would become a number in you know? Just some one on one mentoring. Nothing paid for. Unless that's all i can get because that is how it works....

    but yea always acorn nice to meet you! I would love your suggestions.

    Hello to you to Helen!
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    Yeah Four Hour Work Week is a book by Tim Ferris. It really changed my thinking. Check it out on amazon
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      Welcome DaughterofZion! That's a great first post. I also think its great you want to help mom out with an additional income.

      As you learn how to make money online you should get your mom into it too! There are daughters, moms and grandmas all here on the board making money so it can be done.

      You can also check out the 30 Day Challenge for a solid introduction to the online world. Its free to join, nothing to buy and is packed with videos, pdfs etc to keep you moving forward.

      Same for you too Helen!

      Good luck to you both.

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        Great suggestion on the 30 Day Challenge - I'm taking the training now and it's an easy way to get a good foundation in IM. You can branch off from there. If you're on Facebook, the program is actually an app so you can use from there. It's only Day 10 - you can catch up on the videos and homework. Oh and did I mention - it's free!
        Color Me Social Techie sisterpreneurs helping time and tech challenged small business owners use social media and other online tools for growth and profit.
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      Hi Daughter of Zion!

      Always good to see a new light here! I wish you all the luck in the world with your IM journey!

      I'm sure you'll do really well - avoid MMM!

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    Hi Daughter of Zion... I have to ask since you have that name... are you LDS? If you are I wanted to let you know that I am too. I offer a mentoring program for niche blogging that you might find quite fun.
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    Hi, I would try the 30 day challenge too (already mentioned). It is set up for newbies with a great amount of support and really easy to understand lessons. It also WORKS!

    Enjoy the journey.

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      Hi Jon,

      I know you are new here... but I suggest you have a look at the Warrior Forum Rules.

      You can only link to your own site(s) and/or your WSO's in your sig.

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    I second Deek3870's idea of taking a course with Dean Holland. He is a super knowledgeable guy that has learned from one of the best in the business, Alex Jeffreys. I'm currently in Alex's course (which is a little more expensive), but he has only had terrific things to say about Dean.

    Give him a try!
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    I agree that its good to follow a mentor. I really wasted a lot of money and time before I joined Alex jeffreys course last year. The exact same course that Dean Holland was on.
    What it will do is give you a platform to build on. I do think its important to find the direction that you want to go in first though.

    Become a Digi Warrior and join us in the successful Dig Warrior IM Academy
    Join us at www.digiwarrior.com

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    I think if you've got the cash, go find a mentor. It's something that really sped up my progress. I doubt you'll find anyone decent for free (I may be wrong there). Most people who know what they're talking about need to charge money just to filter out the people who aren't serious about it.

    Especially one on one mentoring. I offer that myself but charge a ton just to make sure the people I coach are serious. If you're broke, you might want to invest in a group coaching thing first as it will be a lot cheaper than getting something one on one.

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    hi there,

    I know 1 place that did a lot for me, when i was on a budget
    this one is totally free thesecondtier.com
    it is owned by internet millionaire Russel Brunnson, and he teaches new people loads of stuff.+ you get an affiliate program as well, where you can promote 13 products, while learning.
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      Looking for a mentor, who doesn't charge:confused: l have written a new blog post, which might be of interest to you. Most of the gurus out there do charge for their mentoring, but if you wanted one to one boy would you have to pay.
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        Let me see if I understand this and please correct me if I'm wrong about
        any of my assumptions.

        You're looking for a mentor.

        OK, I'm going to assume that you're looking for somebody who really knows
        his stuff, a pro, a very successful marketer.

        Would you not agree that somebody who is that successful probably puts
        a lot of time into his business, correct?

        Now, you say that you're willing to work hard but don't want anything that
        you have to pay for.

        So all you're bringing to the table, as far as your mentor goes, is your
        willingness to work hard.

        That's fine. What does he get out of it?

        He has to put his business aside to help you. He could be spending that
        time doing things that will increase his income.

        So you get a great education and he gets the satisfaction of knowing
        that he helped make you successful?

        Do you see the inequity there?

        Now, there are plenty of people who are so-so successful who might take
        you up on your offer in exchange for you doing some writing for them or
        something of that nature. But how much do you think you're going to learn
        from somebody who is just so-so successful?

        What I'm trying to get at here, and I know this sounds like a terrible
        cliche, but in this case, you really do get what you pay for.

        Actually, let me put it this way.

        You could pay somebody to mentor you who claims to be a big success
        and turns out to be a bum, thus doing nothing but just taking your money.

        However, nobody that I know of who really knows his stuff, is going to
        take an extensive amount of time away from their business to mentor
        you in exchange for the satisfaction of helping you be successful.

        For that matter, why you and not somebody else?

        After all, I'd be willing to bet that there are a boat load of people who
        would love to have somebody like a Frank Kern mentor them for nothing.

        Why should Frank, or anybody for that matter, choose you over somebody

        What do you have to offer that nobody else can?

        After all, time is limited and these people can only mentor so many people
        at a time, even if they were the most kind hearted people in the world.

        I am not. My time is valuable. I worked for years to get to where I am
        and I don't just give my time away. If that makes me sound cold and
        businesslike, that's fine. I can live with it. The other day, somebody
        emailed me and offered to pay me $250 a month for me to mentor them.

        I professionally informed them that I could not work for that price and
        closed the conversation.

        Lots of people want lots of things, but wanting doesn't make it so.

        Come up with a compelling reason why a successful marketer should take
        you on as a student other than you're willing to work hard.

        One last thing, and I've learned this from experience. Most people do not
        value things that they get for nothing.

        I ran a mentoring club one month for $197. It was an experiment that I did
        with 20 people.

        Of the 20 people, two of them finished the whole program.

        Please take my comments in the spirit in which they are intended.
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    I am new here too and I going to agree with Steven Wagenheim, time is money and if some one is given you there time for free is really costing them money you see where I am going with this?

    The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.
    -Andrew Carnegie

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    I would like to ad something, you have come to a place that if you need help on understanding how things work theres going to be allot of people that will give you there hand but we cant ask them to take us by it

    The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.
    -Andrew Carnegie

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      Find a top marketer who wants writing done and offer articles in exchange for their time.

      A rate of about 40 articles per billable hour might interest them.

      As Stephen said, one of the most important things we have to learn is that our time is valuable. It is like any other limited resource - if we use it unwisely we can't get it back.

      Warriors often do help people out, but it's usually somebody who's been here a while and made a contribution.

      Imagine I turned up at your college as a new student in the middle of the semester and announced, "OK, I need to catch up. Which professor is going to give me private classes for free?"

      How many friends would you make among the other students and how many offers would you get?

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      Originally Posted by Wilter Quesada View Post

      ...people that will give you there hand but we cant ask them to take us by it
      VERY good point.


      Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    I actually was thinking more along the lines of when someone mentors you in the real world and how they don't ask for a fee. You two just have a relationship and they watch you grow and help you along. I mentor a couple girls from church. That's all I meant. That is why I also added if that is all i can get (Paid mentorship) I will do that too, being new, I just thought there were people who might like to mentor someone. I apologize if I was totally wrong for that. I didn't know that paid programs were the best/only way to receive mentorship.

    So you all see what I mean? Not that I was looking for free services but wondering if there was someone that wouldn't mind mentoring me just because they would enjoy mentoring someone. Didn't mean to offend. And thanks Martin for your analogy. It REALLY helped! I get it now lol
    Thanks for putting up with me guys.

    Thanks everyone for your input.....and Stephen your post hit hard but was informative. Thank you.

    So can I get more information about Dean Holland's Starting with Marketing Academy? Also, like I mentioned I am a college student, school starts soon and I have to buy lots of things so my funds are LIMITED, but I am definitely ready to invest into my future.

    I am also looking into Xfactor's "Adsense Masters" Micro Niche Adsense Course.
    I definitely think I am going to get it. I need to find something on Niche's and AM too.
    Any other suggestions?
    And I joined the 30 day academy so I'm excited about that. Any Amy is LDS- Latter Day Saints?

    If so, no I am not, but I am Christian who is in LOVE with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He means the world to me
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    Don't worry Daughter of Zion,

    There are PLENTY of people who are willing to mentor, just for the joy of mentoring, and sharing their acquired knowledge... passing on the knowledge they learned from their own mentor, or from their own personal life experiences.

    Take this forum (or virtually any forum/social network) for example, how many questions do you see posted? How many answers/replies do you see to those questions?

    The ratio of questions/answers is astounding. Many more answers than questions (Yes, some of the answers might not be right, but let's not split hairs). The majority of the people here are more than willing to share their knowledge with anyone who cares to learn, or with anyone who is in need of the information they may have to share.

    Take some time to get to know this new city called the WarriorForum, populated with thousands of mentors... there is no law against loitering/asking questions/learning around here.

    The WarriorForum is your mentor.



    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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      Hi DaughterOfZion,

      I will be happy to send you some details in the next few days that may be of benefit to you if you are looking to work from home online. No hype just the facts that you need to follow for success.

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      Hi Daughter of Zion!

      Welcome to the forum. In my opinion you have indeed come to the only community you will ever need to know EVERYTHING there is to know about making money online through Internet Marketing and much more.

      Sometime in 2004 I came to the warrior forum because it was the reference (even at that time) about Internet Marketing and making money online. I read and read so much that I litterally passed out from information overload!! When I got back to my senses, I started reading again, and then passed out again from information overload!!

      I then decided that I would stop passing out and start taking massive action! So, everybody was telling me that the best thing was to buy a good program and follow it to the end. So, I went on a buying spree...I bought and I bought, and bought yet again, till my credit card could take no more and finally passed out too! lol

      Then, I thought to myself, maybe I should start applying the instructions in these programs. So, as I started applying with great fervor all the steps that were required in these programs, I found out to my great dismay that I still needed more money to buy the tools and services they were recommending that were essential for my business.
      This is where frustration and doubt started kicking in, and I began to look for other shortcuts to make some quick money, so that I could come and finish the remaining steps.
      So, out I go borrowing money and credit cards to buy that quick "miracle" or "coaching" product that would bring in the cash FAST(duhh...)! This I did only to find myself stuck in the exact same place (even worse), feeling defeated, dazed confused and disgusted! The initial excitement, determination and desire had completely vanished! Plus my credit card bills were starting to REALLY hurt, and my wife was beginning to lose patience with this "making money online stuff!!".

      So, I ended up leaving this forum and Internet Marketing as a whole to fix all my debts. Being the stubborn man that I am, looking for ways to make money was not something I was about to abandon. So, I continued to fight and search and found something offline that was able to sustain me and actually give me some good cash flow, and eventually helped me clean my slate and start afresh.

      Throughout the process, I learned 3 things amongst many others:

      1. In life, it is not about how you start it is about how you finish.Starting with a "finishing mentality" is a guarantee of success. Learning to make quick decisions is a good thing, and there will always be a time when you will need to be extremely spontaneous in your decision making.However, when it comes to starting out in any sort of project, you must first plan well. If I had planned well right from the beginning, I would have known that Internet Marketing is not a hobby...it is a business like any other that requires that it be treated as such.
      Many people may have been able to start their businesses with nothing from scratch without any expense - this is not a rule, they remain an exception! Like you have most likely heard....failing to plan is planning to fail!

      2. Like Jared said, the warrior forum in itself is the greatest mentor, mastermind group and coach you could ever imagine!
      The relationships, and partnerships that can develop from here beats any product you could buy out there. This is a real forum with real people who have real lives. When I understood this, It changed my entire perception of the forum, and I had a complete paradigm shift.
      Now, I no longer need to lurk around with a hood over my head, I can lay bare, be myself and receive value where I can, while giving as much value as possible when I can. I am not saying you should simply trust everybody and anybody, but learn to know the people here, and you will know how and who to go to.

      3.Learning is a lifestyle, and not an objective. Understanding this, has helped me change my approach in reading the wealth of information on this forum. It's like trying to read 4 years of University studies and Masters program in one month. As crazy as that may sound, that was one of the major causes of my information overload...I was trying to swallow more than my fair share at a given time, which eventually led me to a state of "paralysis of analysis!"

      If you push your research further,you will discover that there are several big name marketers in here and out there that owe part of their success to the warrior forum. You will be amazed at how many there are....some have declared themselves while others have chosen to be more discreet.

      I am glad you took the time to read the thread about the things most IMers wish they knew when they were newbies. This thread coupled with many others is a real gold mine.

      This has been a very long post, but I really couldn't help it because it came from the heart.

      To your success,

      Confused? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? And Tired? Let's Talk...
      How To Think And Become A Successful Webpreneur"By Richard Essi

      Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.

      --Gillian Anderson
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    lol thanks Jared....I liked that post ALOT! Its encouraging...I will DEFINITELY check out the app on FB xtreme newbie! Thanks
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    Thanks John, appreciate it. Just shoot me a PM whenever you have time.
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    I agree with Steven, that the big names in Internet Marketing like Frank Kern have better things to do than mentor newcomers. And for the people that are still working at making their business a success - although they have plenty of knowledge and skills that others could benefit from, they do not have the time to spare in order to share this information. They are too busy working at making their business a success.

    But there are lots of programs set up for people just like you - newcomers to Internet Marketing. Some marketers make a business of showing others the way to get started. Plus, there are lots of blogs, websites, and forums (like this one) that provide tons of free information. Google Jinger Jarrett. Her site is a great place to start.
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    I'm a writer so my strong points are in writing and organization - if I can help you out with anything please let me know!
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      Originally Posted by Debbie Allen View Post

      I'm a writer so my strong points are in writing and organization - if I can help you out with anything please let me know!
      See what I mean Daughter of Zion?


      Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    Thanks Debbie!!!
    That is so nice of you!
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    Wow great thread. I am new to all this also, and have signed up for Dean Holland's newsletter, and right now listening to Eben Pagan's Print Persuasion Masterclass.

    Four Hour Workweek changed my life and Tim Ferris' blog is also top notch.

    Love this place, nothing else like it in the world.
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      One thing Daughter of Zion take only one course at a time and implement it. This is very important and a mistake that a lot of newbies make.
      Stay focused and work hard and you will make it.
      Best of luck.
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    Wow, quite an introduction thread! Welcome, DaughterOfZion. Steven makes some good points, and I agree with them, but personally I like to mentor people to an extent. I don't have much free time, but I can usually spare a few minutes to answer an e-mail or a PM. That is, if the person asking is not expecting everything for nothing and is willing to work hard and do their research before shooting off questions like "What's affiliate marketing?" or other such things that can easily be Googled.

    So what I'm trying to say is, I'm available to help newbies out if possible and my schedule allows.
    Free ebook: Affiliate Marketing: Just the FAQs
    Affiliate marketing for brand spankin' newbies
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    I definitely hear you Jeff. Like I said, I've been researching like crazy, but now I need to do. I have about 4 things I'm looking at right now. I am waiting till I get to school to really start. I will be in school on Wednesday. I will be in my own room where I can really focus.
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    Daughter of Zion How can I be so dumb!!!, Casey (yesacpow) has a blog that is helping me allot its call 30 day challenge I am sure this going to help you allot like is helping me Just PM me and I will give you the link, I don't know if I can post it here, on his blog is taking you by the hand for your first step to the last one and he just posted new info.

    The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.
    -Andrew Carnegie

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    I'm new here also, But I am wondering if you really need a mentor... I mean, You could spend days and days just reading through the threads on this forum, and you would learn so much. There is definitely enough free information that has been spread around here to give you quite a bit of knowledge to get started without a mentor.

    Just my $.02
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    Hi DaughterofZion

    Welcome to WF. You have found gold here. There are tons of information here which will help you grow your Internet knowledge leaps and bounds.

    That said, you have to be discerning and selective with what you read and not get bogged down the extensiveness of information here.

    Have fun.
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    • Profile picture of the author skyflying
      hey mate,

      I'm also a newbie here and have the same aim with yours!! Recently I realised that doing regular job is not enough to achieve my dreams , i.e. travelling round the world and give better living to my family... So i decided to join Warrior forum few weeks ago.

      So let's strive for success togather!!! Cheers!!
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        I've been doing IM for about six months and the best information I can give anyone who is interested in seeking a mentor or program is choose one that displays information in a style that appeals to you. There are many people teaching the exact same ideas and methods in different "tones".

        I've signed up for both free and paid programs that have made me want to die. You'd be amazed at the sheer lack of information someone can stretch out over the duration of a 3 hour video course.

        Some courses will make internet marketing look easy and fun. Others will focus purely on the technical side of things and remove the "kids stuff".

        The 30 day challenge launched with a music video featuring the creators singing about how exicted they are about it. You can guess how the course material might follow.

        The keyword Academy starts its students with a step by step action plan in pdf format. Again, you can predict how things might go.

        You also have to realize there are a billion ways to make money online. Before you commit to one of them, you might want to explore your options and see what might be a good fit for you.

        Many people will advocate picking something and sticking with it. This is fine advise, but theres nothing wrong with exploring your options before you make a final decision about what you want to stick with.

        Welcome to the forum and good luck!

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  • Profile picture of the author cvetanski

    I can reccomend you becomeablogger.com and ericstips.com

    Both are really nice guys and can lead you trough the entire proccess with great patience.
    The good thing about them is that they are kind enough to answer almost to every quiestion, submitted on their sites.

    Also, start looking for information by yourself, and you will be amazed to find out the great benefits of learning alone
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  • Profile picture of the author gabidragomir
    Hi all,

    I am also new in the industry even though I joined this forum some years ago.

    I have made some small money from the industry...

    I wish to all newbies all the best and good luck in the business!
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  • Profile picture of the author int-mark
    Apparently the best way to start and the quickest way to make money is through blogging as search engines love the fresh content that is always updated.
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  • Profile picture of the author Randy Meirndorf
    Hello, I always liked the phrase "actions speak louder then words". So if your willing to work hard, Do it. Which brings me to another great phrase "Where there is a will, there is a way". Only by grinding it out, overcoming all the obstacles and sorting all the info will you persevere as a shining gem of an internet marketer. Then you can find the people who will help you, maybe as a jv partner, or as you develope friends here. Because until you find out what you want to do, no one is going to be able to help you anyways, even the best mentor is going to start off by asking you, what are you interested in or good at?

    Be who you want to become, every second of every day. Make it true!

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    Thanks Richard for the long post, I LOVE long post...they make me feel special . I will continually search through the forum and use it as my main mentor. I like that idea.

    I think my main issue is linking everything up. I like things to be put in a simplified order, or grouped together so I know what goes together and I'm having trouble doing that since there is so much information I have taken in. For example, you always need to find a niche no matter what type of marketing you are doing correct?
    So let's say you pick weight loss as your niche. Now, you can build a page with articles. The titles to those articles should be high ranking/popular keywords. Now on that page you can do Adsense and Affliate Marketing through Clickbank and other programs. I can also build a landing page for another product that I am a distributor for like Max Glx and include a logo on my weight loss page as well. While I'm doing all this Im making sure I work on backlinking, SEO, and update information so that the page always stays ranked. But what if I want something that is updated at all times? That just offers information? Then I have to keep everything fresh with backlinking correct?
    I could also technically through some CPAs on there, but that might be overload.

    I know with Adsense there is also the Yahoo PPC that I can use.

    Now I rinse and repeat this for maybe 4 other niches.

    Or I can make simpler pages with less content and JUST Adsense on them and work on driving traffic and getting it high up in the search engines (hopefully through backlinks? it sounds like the way to go, besides I have been reading up on Angela's and they seem to be a big deal around here )

    Writing good articles and submitting them to places like Ezine IS article marketing, correct? So if I am already incorporating them into my sites, I am also taking advantage of article marketing.

    I could also build a squidoo page. But now its all sounding like too much to do at one time.

    I'm kind of just arranging my ideas in my head onto here. What do you all think.

    I also do not know if I should pick Wordpress or XSitePro. Maybe Wordpress for the more updatish ones and XSitePro for all others?

    I apologize profusely in advance for all the questions lol
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    Ericstips.com is AMAZING!!! I am watching the lessons from the beginning. Thank you cvetanski!
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    I see that making your own product is a big money maker. I thought I couldn't do it but from watching eric's video's it sounds like I can. Is this the norm with everyone on the forum? Does just about everyone get into making their own material?
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    • Profile picture of the author Richard Essi
      Hi Daughter of Zion,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      I see that you are already taking massive action, and that is excellent!

      As you will soon discover, the wealth of information found here or through the links of

      some members can be a little overwhelming...but in a good kind of way! You know

      what I mean?

      Take your time, and don't get indigestion...lol Chew, and swallow properly!

      Keep it up!

      Confused? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? And Tired? Let's Talk...
      How To Think And Become A Successful Webpreneur"By Richard Essi

      Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.

      --Gillian Anderson
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    Welcome, DaughterofZion

    I'm a Christian too. I sent you a PM.

    I wish you all the best in your online endeavors.

    Kirstyn Sierra
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    Hey there i noticed some1 typed in dean holland in the 1st response you received. I am also a dean holland student. His really down to earth and easy to relate to. He is also an excellent mentor and will guide you in the right direction if you wish! have a good day..hope that helps.
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