Ack! - Please Help Me Straighten My Head For A Second

by Sean Bissell 1 replies
Hey Warriors,

I'm not sure why, but I can't seem to figure this out... I'm betting that someone can just spend 3 seconds and come up with better insight than myself.

I'm just too close to my Website to see the forest through the trees at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have a Website that has a static front page. (It is always the same when you visit the site)

I also have a blog, and I have a software program I use as a goodwill/trust + lead generation device.

All three pages (Front Page, Blog, Software) are separate.

I'm writing a book to sell at the moment.

But where do I put my sales page?

And where do I put my software download to collect leads?

My whole process seems disconnected, and I can't seem to connect it into one smooth process.

-Do I substitute the main page for the sales page and keep the software download separate?

-Do I put the main page as the software download and then follow up with them later with info regarding the book?

-Do I put the main page as my blog and then keep both the sales page and software download separate?

Here's the website Fitness for Fun People | Yummy Fitness <--- Nothing for sale at the moment

Thanks for your help, I need to get un-discombobulated.
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    Hi Sean,

    It's hard to give a definitive answer, but i can certainly tell you what I would do...

    I'd keep the main page as it is, create a separate folder to hold your salespage details so the url becomes, and then I would install a wordpress blog in another folder, which I would name after one of your keywords.

    Then, each time a new article is added, post on the blog about it and ping it, and also be sure to post about the salespage and ping that too. This will create nice links between your pages, which the search engines will love.

    And as for capturing leads, I'd get a flyin or popup etc going, but split test it with forms on the site, and see what works best. That way you can offer your software device in return for an optin at any point, from any of your pages.

    I hope that helps, and I hope it makes sense!

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