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Just curious as to if anyone knows the best way to protect a image or photo if you are selling graphic images and photos on your website?

Stockphoto somehow makes a water mark or or womething to protect their photos is their software that is free to do this or omehting similar?

Also is there a free site to get a signiture for myself to add to my sales pages?

Thanks, have a great day!
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    Hi Steve,

    There are some many PHP scripts that you can use to overlay a watermark, just do a search for watermark script, or watermark php script... here's one I just found, looks fairly simple:

    Watermark Your Image With Simple Php Script

    As for a free site to get a signature, here's a great one:

    MyLiveSignature - Creating a new signature



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    Thanks Jared for sharing the live signature site. i have been searching for the signature lately to put it on my squeeze page. thanks a lot Jared
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    Personally I would say, dont let them see a large size of the image. Watermarks are becoming more useless everyday. However increasing image size is something that hasnt come very far. I would say to only let them see a small preview size till you sell the image. Then you send the full version.
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