Where can I find a decent virtual assistant?

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Afternoon all,

I'm looking to hire a VA for around 16 hours work, with potential for more ad hoc work in the future.

They need perfect English and experience in Wordpress, Google docs and Internet research.

I do not mind where they are from, but the closer to a GMT time zone the better.

Can anyone recommend me where I can find someone like this? Ideally I prefer dealing with people direct, rather than through agencies/platforms.

Has anyone used Upwork/Freelancer to successfully find someone like this?


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    Have you tried the paid sections of this forum where marketers looking for specific requirements can solicit the help they need from WF members? At least that might be a starting point.


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    I have hired a VA from Upwork before. It was a good experience overall. Be prepared to try out a few though before you find one you like. I think originally we hired 3-4 after going over the submissions. I had a couple that just didn't do very good work, but in the end, I got a VA that did excellent work and was very helpful.

    If you can grab a copy of Perry Marshall's 80/20 Sales and Marketing book, chapter 17 has some great tips for hiring good talent. Just two or three of the tips will be worth the price of the book if you have to learn them by trial and error.
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    Staff.com is geared more towards full time remote workers / virtual assistants.

    Should be a good one to consider since you are considering hiring for the long term as opposed to the project-based tasks from Upwork and Freelancer.
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      I think you can find on fiver.

      Could you please give more details ? I am interested if I will be able to do the work .
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    I always recommend IVAA. They are the trade association for Virtual Assistants and they have a good RFP process.


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    There's an FB group of about 1.4k specifically for VAs. Those people discuss there issues, advise each other, etc. Name of the group is VA Phone Book and admin is Galena. You may get help there.
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    What kind of work do you need the person to do?

    If you're looking for a researcher, I know a great source for $25 per day
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    Hire the best Filipino employees and virtual assistants the Philippines has to offer!

    Everyone I know uses them. You can get a VA from about $1.80/hr and up.You do need to do some work to find the right person.
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    I have great experiences with people from the Ukraine.
    They have a lot of qualified persons here with a university degree.

    Average salary for such a person is 200$ a month.


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    I want to hire as virtual assistant of your work
    if you want.
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    There are many places you can check such as warrior for hire sub forum or do a simeple search on google. There are tons of people who are willing to work and help you out! Freelancer.com Hired.com

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    You can also try peoplerperhour, thats another good site to use
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    Hi there,

    I recommend onlinejobs.ph. You can check bestjobs.ph as well.

    It's not easy to find the right person though. You need to give them trial tasks first and then you can go from there.

    More power to you.

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      Originally Posted by magiclouie View Post

      It's not easy to find the right person though. You need to give them trial tasks first and then you can go from there.
      Yes, you will need to be specific about the tasks you require for any VA work you require.

      For smaller jobs I have found a lot of people who are highly skilled on upwork (used to be odesk). You must be specific about what you require, but generally the quality is good if you do this.

      When asking for applicants, ask them to reply using a certain process when responding, this is an easy way to weed out those that do not follow instruction to start with.
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    I have been using the Upwork since 15 April, 2011 till today. I am sure it is one of the good site. You can use the "Freelancer or, Fiverr" also. You must check the Previous work history & Feedback of the freelancer. Thanks
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    Yup, Upwork is a reasonable way out. Just hire a person with the highest rate - 5 stars, successfully completed tasks and fluent English.
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    Hey there!

    I'll make this one really quick!

    Try zirtual.com they are a great service and have great assistants ready on their team to help you out!

    But also, Upwork.com & Elance.com works too!

    Hope this helps

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      Originally Posted by Adam Yunker View Post

      Hey there!

      I'll make this one really quick!

      Try zirtual.com they are a great service and have great assistants ready on their team to help you out!
      Didn't they shut down already?
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    I like to use the UPWORK. I am sure it is one of the good service provider. You must see the freelancer previous work history before hiring anyone. You should check his or, her feedback also. Beside the Upwork, you can use the Freelancer or, Hire section of the Warrior forum. Thanks a lot.
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    I personally like using Upwork too. So far my experience there has been pleasant. Just check out the comments when considering your potential hire. Most of the people there are fairly decent but it can never be harmful to be careful.
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    Which areas of your work flow outsource best, how do you protect the more sensitive systems and what areas of your business do you not usually outsource?
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    upwork is good. but they have a service fee of 10%. if you don't want to pay 10% per hour your freelancer is working. then you should consider hiring in VA company. consider us
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    I use Upwork.com.

    There are usually a ton of good assistants...If you want the best i would choose north american...if you want the cheapest then india and philippines. Just my experience.


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  • I now and then use Upwork for that. I always do a test with top 3 people I prefer. And see who does test the best. And you always have a backup if person 1 quits you or you are not happy with him or her.

    If you dont do a test i feel you will lose time. Because they all tell that they are the best right
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    Nowadays it does not matter to hire a freelancer. Today there are many freelancing market place. Such as Upwork, fiverr & so on. You can use the hire section of the warrior forum. You should use the more convenient site for you. I believe there are many expert freelancer in each site. Thanks for your interest.
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