How to select your niche type?

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Hello everyone,
I'm thinking every time what is my coming niche type.
I can't find my interests to write about.
So can you advice me what to do ?
Note:I haven't any experience in any field to write in this field
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    You should start with the niche, where you are expert. If you do not have any interest to write, you may not gain in this section. You can hire any freelancer to write for you otherwise you can change your way of working. Thanks
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    Big niches like weight loss, dating, insurance, payday loans all making big money. You can target those niches and try to get a piece of pie out of it.
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      I think targeting big niches and breaking it down and going deeper is a good idea..

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    The approach that has always worked for us is to start with a high-level topic where we have at least the potential for some interest (Ex Health, Fitness, Personal Development, Relationships, Finance, Sales, Marketing, etc...) and then go to work digging into the market discovering where the biggest desire for transformation is...For Example:

    - Health: How to overcome low energy
    - Personal Development: How to attract people instead of repelling them
    - Marketing: Pinpoint system for tripling leads (especially important today given the dramatic change in the way social is impacting marketing and the "noise" being created - more important than ever that businesses know what works)

    It helps if you have at least an interest (ideally a passion) for the general market - then you drill in to the opportunities based on a combination of desire and willingness to pay.

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    Meanwhile, try consulting the most popular e-commerce sites, with a specific option that puts us more aware of the products required and sold.
    At this point you can decide what your niche and study and report on it.
    Good luck and good work
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    Narrow it down, flip a coin.

    Then give yourself 90 days to get something working.

    The procrastination and doing nothing will kill you. Win or lose, in 90 days you'll know whether it worked out or not AND you'll have the added benefit of experience.

    You don't have to be a full-on expert. You just have to know more than (say) a beginner and know enough to be able to sell something of value to that beginner. You will provide a lot of value in a) doing the research and b) putting it into a useful, logical order.
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    To find the perfect niche is to really think deeply what your passionate about, If you are really passionate about and love a unique subject anything can become gold!

    Good luck!
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    In selecting your niche, your best bet would be to start with your hobbies or passions. From there, do a bit of research to see if there is any market demand. Are there other product listings in clickbank, JVZoo, or other affiliate platforms? If yes, are they selling (CB &JVZ make this easy) and at what price points? Next take a look at the keyword tool of your choosing (remember google is still free). What are the search volumes for the given results. You will need more than a couple hundred in volume to make it a viable option. Also, you may want to consider the avg bid for PPC /Adwords of your chosen keywords as a site monetization option down the road. It also gives you an idea of overall competition in the niche. Higher bids generally equates to higher competition within the niche. higher competition usually means the niche is viable.

    Once you have selected the broader general niche (Dog Training for example) you will want to drill down into something more specific such as house breaking. Better yet, "potty training your Chihuahua puppy" You will have a whole slew of topics you can address that way while staying within the confines of the overall niche but minimizing competition. All niches can be segregated in a similar manner.

    Content need not be an issue. You can either create it yourself or outsource it. Some blogs are created for the sole purpose of using guest posts for content. The point is that there are many methods to getting the content for your site without resorting the the copy n paste method (NO_NO!!!!)
    If you are learning about something new, approach your content from that angle. It's perfectly acceptable to chronicle your discoveries and document what you've learned along your journey. Just don't try to "fake it till you make it" as it will show in your material. Authenticity is key in all areas of your business.
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    My advice, if you have problems making up stories for a niche.


    Everybody has several things that they like in life. And in each of them is money to be made.

    In some more as in others.

    Gardening, basketball, reading, gaming, relaxing and even the niche doing nothing....

    So choose the niche that you like the most and you will see, it will be easy to start.
    Struggeling with multiple supplier feeds?
    DoeeX solves it!
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