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Is there anything Paypal and eBay DON'T have a peice of?

EBay, GM to start trial program to sell new cars through online marketplace - Yahoo! Canada News

So strange, I'm sure there's great potential here for those who do the eBay affiliate program, imagine the commission portion on selling a brand new car!

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    The average markup on a new car - around 3%. And that's sticker price, which no one pays.

    I also think the most ebay is going to get will be the listing fee's - which aren't very large, and I'm sure GM worked out a discount deal.

    The actual sales are still going to be handled by the dealers. I would be surprised if the ebay commission would be any larger then the typical clickbank commission.

    There is actualy quite an uproar about this in the car industry... even though coporate owned dealerships always fail to show a profit, the manufacturers think they know more about retailing cars then their dealers. In my opinion, it's just another example of the manufacturers refusing to get their heads out of their rear-ends and taking responsibilty for their problems.


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    Seems like the smartest thing they've done in years!

    Truth is, who wants to go to a dealership nowadays and haggle on price, fight to get the color you want and features you want when you *know* they really wanna get rid of a certain one...

    AND then fight over financing etc...

    I doubt it's only 3% markup, perhaps in the states or durring the downed market, but I believe the average commish on the sale of your average car to the salesman is like $2500-$5000 depending


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