Stumble Upon Can It Really Be Used To Drive Traffic?

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Does anyone reckon that the site stumble upon can be used to generate targeted traffic as they have to pick category's to stumble.

if so i think there should be a stumble exchange

stumble the link is in my sig XD and il stumble you back if you post


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    I get traffic from Stumble upon a year after bookmarking it. Do they convert? Probably not much.

    It won't hurt do do.
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    Do you need to do anything but submitting your pages/posts? Don't you need to be social and "make friends" to get traffic?
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    You do not have to be social to get traffic. I have about 10 people a day look at my favorites page that I do not know. As far as targeting traffic I think the key is to narrow your interest down to just the niche you are working in, maybe join a group or two related to that niche and then just be sure you do not favorite things that are not in your niche. I am also ping my favorites page every couple of day. Another thing to keep in mind about stumbler is they are all addicted surfers and will look at everything on a favorites page if it with in their interest.
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    Someone whose forum user name is nick1123 is offering free stumbles in exchange for something or other right now. They do get you really nice traffic compared to most of the sb sites. It will last for a week or more because new readers will restumble your ratty pages. (if they are any good)

    At least that's what happened to one of my ratty little sites. Sometimes it just takes one stumble to get it going.

    As long as you are having fun,
    best wishes,

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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    It can help but it is not 100% I use it to get the ball rolling though, any traffic is not good for converting but every traffic is good for something.

    nick1123 has a great blog on traffic covers almost everything you'd swear He was related to John Reese it is almost that comprehensive.

    if you need a few stumbles buzz me as well i never mind helping a fellow warrior.

    Star Riley ---> Support Local Movement USA<----***

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    The traffic is highly UNTARGETED.

    You are unlikely to get any sales. However, it is good for indexing pages. A bit like Digg.
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    Well ok, I stumbled your site. I've just started using stumble but I believe the proof is at ClosedOffice's blog - StumbleUpon

    The page I'm working on for traffic right now is Machine Guns at Night The description I usually use is: A nice machine guns at night video for the pyrotechnic maniac.

    It actually is quite an interesting video. It was put together by a big budget production crew and then never shown on TV because Columbine happened just as it was finishing up. I posted the page at a social bookmarking site and a couple of the comments were "I don't care what anyone says, that much firepower is ****ing impressive," and "I'm hard. I'm going to enlist right now." I did think the last one was a bit crude for about a week but now I think it's funny.

    For me the point of the whole page is the 2 audio files near the bottom and I doubt if more than 5% of the visitors will get that far, but that's fine with me.

    They are they are practically spectacular examples of what a speaker can do with a live audience and a speech that obviously isn't prepared in advance.

    best wishes everyone

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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