Any Ideas for Promoting FREE Udemy Courses?

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Hey Guys,

Do any of you guys offer FREE courses on Udemy?
If so do you have any promotional tips you could maybe share with me?

Every time I Google it, I either gets posts telling me how to "share free coupons" (for premium courses or else it's actually a free course on Udemy showing me how to promote premium courses! haha (catch 22!)

As always guys, any and ALL replies are GREATLY appreciated!
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    There are a few ways that come to mind. depending on your niche, you could use facebook, youtube, other free resources.

    forums - you could join forums related to your niche, help some people out and share your FREE course which im sure people will love to check out if the forum is focused around your niche.

    paid advertising I believe wouldn't be the best method unless you are somehow going to upsell or capture the leads with the course
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      Hey there

      Social media is a great place to start create some youtube videos etc...if you cant film very well hire someone to do this!! You could also write some articles in the major article directories, I know people say article marketing is rubbish...but that because they just don't utilize it properly, it still works very well.
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    I just thought of something that might help your course to become popular on social websites. You can ask people to share a link to your course on FB or Twitter, and they get another freebie(like a free report) for doing that.

    Hope that helps.
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    Facebook Groups! There are a bunch of Facebook groups out there dedicated to Udemy courses and depending on the topic of your course, I'm sure there will be some more related groups too.

    Provide value to the group and then introduce them to your free course.
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    Check this Website :
    you'ill find daily free udemy coupons
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      I would think all of the normal marketing "rules" would apply. Even with marketing something that is free . . . a marketer should still target a specific audience as I assume you are going to follow up and do something with those names that respond to your offer.

      You still have to have a very compelling offer, make it easy for the prospect to say "yes," and provide great value that relieves or solves the prospect's concern. It's Marketing 101 and it shouldn't be made more complicated by the fact that the product is "free."


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    If you optimize your course title and description fairly well, it's fairly easy to rank free courses in Udemy's search as well. Bear in mind that recent enrollments and reviews play a factor in where your course ranks, so you'll really want to push for people to review the course.
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    join in fb groups related to your niche. then share there. so you will get targeted traffic.

    hope my answer helps...
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    You can join Facebook group Udemy studio there is more than 40k members in that group. Other than that you can find Udemy coupon sites to promote your course.
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