Leadpages, stripe/paypal and wishlist member integration.

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Hi guys,

Hope all is well.

I don't suppose anyone has any experience with these three in a combo? Or perhaps offer an advice having knowledge of a few of the elements?

I'm essentially going to be selling a course package which is protected by wishlist member. That's pretty much set up fine as far as I'm aware.

My problems lie with the other elements. The plan is to use leadpages as my sales page for them to then purchase it via stripe or paypal which will then grant them access to the relevant information.

I originally started trying Paypal. I set up everything within wishlist member and checked it multiple times to see how it should be. I created the buttons and then linked to the 'email' code from leadpages. I tested it and paypal took the payment however it didn't return to the register page to carry on with the process. It just returned to the home page but it the URL looked as if it should be doing more than it did. The test was also consequently not added as a 'member' in wishlist. Anyone hazard a guess as to what could be going wrong here at all? All the settings are as directed. The auto-return box is ticked, the "thank you page" return link was put in, as was the additional codes. I don't see where it could be going wrong.

Now, after I couldn't get that working, I thought I'd give Stripe a go. Got that integrated with wishlist but I can't see a way of integrating Stripe into Leadpages. With paypal, it had the email link that you just linked to but all I have is a wordpress shortcode for the Stripe button. I've no idea how to do it at all. Has anyone tried this before?

Any help will be hugely appreciated!
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