Youtube rewarding junk

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No, I am not envious. Society now rewards junk.
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    I won't consider these Youtube users junk videos. They have all made a living on something they are passionate about..

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    This is what I think... It's about subscribers. Viral stuff. Profit prospects in youtube's eyes. Regardless the quality of its content.

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    Have you seen their viewing figures? Most TV channels dont achieve anywhere near what they do.

    Take for example the Welsh channel S4C. Costs £100m a year and its biggest ever audience was 50,000 people. Most of these YouTubers would consider that viewing figure a total failure.

    All of my grandkids watch far more YouTube than they do normal TV and I can understand why, what is on "normal" tv for their generation is rubbish.

    That is not to say YouTube is high quality, but it does seem to be full of the fun and anarchy that every generation craves.
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    They are good marketers though purveyors of junk content.
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    I think they're days of earning high are numbered. Just like MFAs can no longer rank with poor content, YouTube will move to a stage where they reward excellence, not stupid videos that do nothing but help to dumb down society.
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      Originally Posted by Anton543 View Post

      I think they're days of earning high are numbered. Just like MFAs can no longer rank with poor content, YouTube will move to a stage where they reward excellence, not stupid videos that do nothing but help to dumb down society.

      I think you are overestimating YouTube and their audience.

      Do you think E! is going to cancel "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" because it does nothing "but help to dumb down society"?

      These YouTube broadcasters make a lot of money because YouTube makes a lot of money and shares the revenue. That's because lots of people are watching and engaging with the videos.

      The broadcasters you talk about all provide (relatively) original content that people like to watch.

      Fashion and make-up tips, social commentary on trends and entertainment, music videos and comedy are all legitimate subjects that have been popular throughout the history of television and the Internet.

      They are not ripped and reposted videos of someone else's content.

      And it's not like they are scammy CPA offers tricking people into clicking on a link.
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    I realize many of you are angry. Pew die pie makes four million per year.... PLAYING games.
    YouTube Video Game Star PewDiePie Earns $4 Million Per Year - GameSpot

    For a while, I was a game programmer. OK so my boss made a lot of money. He did promise me 4% in royalties per game. Sadly, I was never given a penny in royalties - not one penny.

    My games were sold in major stores - even in radio shack, but my boss did not wanna pay. It made $300,000 - $400,000 in profit for his company. He gave me a bad check (no money), later on he said that I was playing games. Basically, that means he did not have to pay me. He said that I was using his computer and electricity, I should pay him and that if I kept calling him up asking for my money, he would call the FBI on me.

    I have learned that contracts are worthless paper. Fact is, they are not worth the paper they are written on. Sadly, my lawyer told me that there was nothing he could do for me. Also, he charged me $660 for his time - yes. I was told that perhaps I might win the case. However, my boss would never pay me.

    For every pew die pie, there are thousands like me.
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    ^I understand. But what these guys are doing is producing junk material. There are some very good YouTube channels with intellectual (or at least semi- intellectual)discussion but they tend to be far less popular than lot of the nonsensical channels that get millions and millions of hits. I think a show like 'The Young Turks' is a good example of a good YouTube channel. YouTube used well. People will be entertained by crap. Just notice how popular a show like the Kardashians or Big Brother is with the mindless young people of today.
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    Instead of complaining about it I say if you can't beat 'em join 'em and stuff your pockets too!

    If somebody figured out a way to legally earn 4 million dollars a year by playing videos or by telling jokes or whatever other dumb things they do on YouTube then I say more power to them.

    I also say maybe people should take a minute and study what they are doing because if they can do it chances are so can you
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      Good for them. I much rather watch some of the YouTube channels rather then the Kardasians, Big Brother and much of the other reality crap on TV.

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