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Just a quick note to thank the Warrior Forum members and founders for all that I've learned over the last couple years. After a lot of trial and error, I've finally cracked $500 a month in recurring income - last month being my highest month to date.

I realize that to most of you that isn't much money. And I'm certainly not tooting my horn or bragging or anything like that. But it sure is nice to see some things work. It's enjoyable to see hard work pay off and to see a system really take off.

For those interested in writing, here's how I did it in a nutshell...

1) I joined several article pay sites, including AssociatedContent.com, Suite101.com, and Helium.com.

2) I studied and studied and studied niche markets, keyword optimization (including what keywords were money words and which ones were info words, etc.), and Internet writing.

3) I diversified my writing to include AC and Suite101 mainly as well as some blogs and affiliate promotion. And even some work-for-hire projects and PLR/MRR that I've sold or given away.

And now, I'm making $500 a month in recurring income. It takes a little maintenance to keep it going, but the foundation is laid. And it's a good feeling.

But I'm still learning, because I want to take that number up to $1,000 and more. So, I've still got a lot to learn.

And I just want to thank everyone here for making the WF a great community.
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    That's great Brian. I think will all the talk about clickbank, adsense, cpa, etc... We sometimes forget that there are others ways to make money (at least I do).

    How about putting together a course on using AssociatedContent, Suite101, and Helium to make money? I'd be interested....
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      Congratulations Brian!

      I like what you've done and that you've pointed out that you STUDIED your market, LEARNT what was working and APPLIED it.

      Using that system you can make money in any market!

      Well done.

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        Congratulations Brian!

        Three cheers to you for taking action!

        Hey, $500 a month recurring is by no means pocket change...and it does feel really good to be able to spend that cash..doesn't it?

        Great work...now: document, innovate, test, and deploy.

        Way to go,
        Jack Duncan
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          Congratulations, Brian!

          Onwards and upwards!

          - James.
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    Congrats! Always celebrate every milestone in your business, even if it seems "little" according to someone's standards. If you don't celebrate every victory where are you going to get the motivation to move upwards to the next one?

    $500 a month recurring is awesome! I'd even argue it's more impressive than the money you make at your job (I'm assuming you have one.) If your job was gone tomorrow your income would be to. But if you stopped working your $500 would keep coming in and that makes it way more powerful!

    Keep up the good work! The second $500 is easier than the first, and the second $1000 is easier than the first $1000 and so on and so forth. The first money you make in anything is always the hardest.
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    congratulations. Learning and absorbing information is one thing but actually executing daily even when the chips are down is what makes a warrior.

    Keep your spirit high.

    Success breed success!

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    That's excellent Brian!

    Thanks for sharing this success with us. I really like the take on "money words" and "info words". That is very interesting, as it can make the difference between writting for $0 or $500/month.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Brian that's great! Its motivating to hear success at all levels, so thanks for sharing.

    I actively use article marketing for my sites; however, I have yet to try some of those paid for content sites. Thanks for the reminder, I will have to take a look at these.

    Am I able to post content that I have already used on other article directories onto AC, etc?

    Thanks again
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