How do I move forward with my startup IT idea?

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I have a vision and my small but ambitious team share that vision. We've already decided how the final result should look like. However, we are stuck with a question "what to do next?" We are seeking a startup consultant or someone to give us structure on what we need to do first. Where can I find such a person?
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    I’d say, the right adviser and the place to find him depends on an idea you have. As I see it’s some kind of a secret yet and you don’t want to share it. I can suggest you to dig in “warriors for hire” subforum, or check out upwork/elance resources.
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    My advice is, stay as long as possible with the team you have. The longer you develop and build the more value you get when a next person gets in. Many great start-ups started without structure. Just start, just do it, if it is as good as you think the rest will come.

    Believe me I know, I’m in my third successful start-up and I started without any structure at all.


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    Hey there,

    You can find someone on just some basic Freelance sites like or and seek for someone in that field.


    You can always get recommendations from business people you might know that started a successful company before. The person doesn't have to be in the IT business, but it does help a bit.

    A successful business owner can run a business from the P&L and Balance sheet.

    The best way would to think and talk with your startup team and figure out what your big goal or mission is then figure out little points on how you can go from where you are now to where you want to be.

    One major step is incorporating though! You don't want the liability if someone breaks a computer to be on you! So definitely incorporate your business.

    And never give up! You only fail when you quit. If something doesn't work, tweak it and try again.

    Hope this helps

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    you’ll definitely find some experienced freelance on upwork, it has a tremendous base. Just figure out all the filter settings. Also, take a quick look on this articles before you start scraping -
    How to move forward when you have too many ideas | VentureBeat | Entrepreneur | by Alex Bashinsky, Picreel
    How to Jumpstart Your Workweek
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