As an Internet Marketer, do you have any time management issues?

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I was just wondering if other Internet marketers ran into any time management issues? It seems as if there are so many things to do and with all of the various Web 2.0 sites to go to you can spend hours on the different sites. What are your thoughts on this subject?
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    Yes... there is too much to get done.

    I'd suggest making a list and putting the top priority ones at the top. Then work your way down.

    Focus is key!
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      lol I love this discussion, as most people can relate.

      The key to this is:
      1. Get a notepad
      2. Before you go to sleep at night, make a list of things which need to be done tomorrow, with highest priority at the top and approximately how long you should spend on each task
      3. Work your way down the list, sticking as closely to the specified times as possible.
      Even if you don't get everything done each day, that's fine.

      If you complete every single task for the day, it means you didn't set enough goals for yourself

      - James.
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    If your stuggling to have enough time in the day to do everything then you may want to look at outsourcing or software.

    I will send you a PM now to possibly help you out.

    But i know alot of people do suffer with time managment issues, including me seeing as its now 3am and im still working away!

    Tom Brite
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      I have a big poster of things that I need to get done over the course of probably 4-8 weeks.

      Also, I use a notepad for what I need to do on a day-to-day basis and check things off the big list as I go.
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        I think this issue is especially troublesome for people like me who stil have a job.
        I work 7am-5pm, and on top of that have to fit in going to the gym, having dinner, having some relaxation time, and interacting with other human beings! It's hard not to become a hermit, locked up in front of a computer for every hour you have spare when you are working a full time job as well.
        I'm currently doing Alex Jeffreys' coaching program and one of the first things he teaches, which really opened my eyes was the importance of PLANNING.

        As others here have said, you do have to plan ahead...ideally you want to plan say, 90 days ahead, break down those 90 days into month blocks, then those month blocks into weeks, and weeks into days, planning what you want to acheive in each block to get you to your goal at the end of the 90 days, year, or whatever.

        At the very least you need to be planning a day ahead...and yes, definitely get most important tasks done first. Work to time blocks too. I find this method particularly effective - say you have a particular task you need ot do that might take you 3 hours...sit down with your phone off, facebook, skype, email etc CLOSED, and set a timer for 60 mins. Focus on your task at hand until the timer goes off. Then have a 10 minute break. Go away from your workspace during the break, then come back refreshed and sit down for another hour. You'll be surprised how much you get done doing things this way with no distractions.

        You should be doing the high priority things that are going to directly contribute to you making money. Any of those small tasks and busywork that do need to be done, but consume time should be outworked, if you are able to.

        Hope these tips help!
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    There's so many things to do that I just get frustrated. So I just end up adding funds to my adwords account and go back to bed again and wake up and do it all over again lol
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    I think everyone gave great tips here. My favourite thing to do is to read Time Management blogs about how trifty I can be with all my time. It's a little daydream I have. =)

    I have a notepad on me at all times. I write down everything from thoughts, to things I have to buy later, ideas, and maybe websites I want to look up. I then clear out an hour of my schedule, sit down in front of the computer with my list and tick of each item one by one until it's done.
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    Originally Posted by cyndiek View Post

    I was just wondering if other Internet marketers ran into any time management issues? It seems as if there are so many things to do and with all of the various Web 2.0 sites to go to you can spend hours on the different sites. What are your thoughts on this subject?
    It's a trick question, right?

    I get up and plan on spending my "coffee time" on it, then I plan on moving on to housework and errands and life in general. Next thing I know, it's noon and I'm still drinking coffee in my PJs in front of the computer. I get a lot done - but not my housework, errands, etc.

    I'm new to WF and I'm spending too much time catching up on the awesome information shared here.

    Investing in some good software helps, but it still eats up time. My reward is seeing progress in traffic and CTR.
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