need help with clickbank.. i want to learn how to make a fulltime income promoting clickbank product

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Hello, i am trying to get into internet marketing and i am interested in promoting click bank products. I have used buy sell ads, and they were garbage.. i am trying to find a legitimate easy to follow step by step system that works well. I have heard promoting clickbank products on bing ads works well. I also heard ad knowledge works too. Does anybody have a reasonable priced easy to follow step by step course on how to promote clickbank products that actually WORKS. i am planning on using ppc to promote products because i don't have the time to do seo and build websites. I do not have too much knowledge in that. Can someone please help me out here.. I have seen some WSO's that seem like they may be pretty descent and legit, but seem to be over priced =[. I also heard finding the right solo ads can also work well too. i just dont know were to start. I am trying to get into the make money online niche.
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    Darren, hate to burst your bubble bro, but you have a solid plan 'until' you said you have no time to learn or build websites.

    In order to run Facebook ads, Bing, or Google ads... You need a website.

    If you mirror (not copy...but resemble) a Clickbank products sales page onyour own website, you can run ads, direct them to your website (even just one page) and have a 'buy now' button that links to the CB checkout page!

    I prefer getting an email address in that process as it builds a list, but it can be done without it... But you NEED a website!

    1.) Ad
    2.) Landing Page
    3.) Click Bank checkout page (with ur affiliate link of course!)

    Test, tweak, track data...add email script, and build lists!

    Hard part is you have 2 options;

    1.) Learn it
    2.) Outsource it

    I prefer #1

    Good luck.
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    Hi Darren,

    From my experience and (yes) i failed when i first started online promoting clickbank product is a tough on only because you need to create a good Ad because a lot of people just copy and paste and doesn't stand out from the crowed .

    Also watch what your doing on Bing , google adwords because it will eat your money away in minutes if your biding for top keywords in which case there dear !!!!!!

    You said 'I am trying to get into the make money online niche' , there are so many niches "make money online. art72 makes some good points but you need to narrow the niche down again to find out what you like to do ?

    Pm me for more info if you like.
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      is not easy.

      personally this is how I feel despite I do have some sales from click bank.

      but don't lose hope as other iM can make it so do you

      but is not easy to be frank need a lot of works
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    Actually you can generate sales for free from Facebook, yahoo answer and LinkedIn and second thing is that you should be relax don't do hurry in anything everything comes with the time
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    Darren, you've already gotten good advice but I'll add one more comment, based on my own experience.

    The problem with Clickbank products is that they come -- and they go. You could easily be successfully promoting a product and one day that product is gone. I can't say what a good solution would be other than to stay flexible and be ready to switch to other products at a moments notice -- easier said than done.
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    3 ways to sell on CB:
    1 - Use a good funnel + solo ads (high quality solos)
    2 - be a master in ppc and send traffic
    3 - pay an expert that manage your ppc campaigns
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    You could create a product and have everyone else sell it for you....

    (Wait for it)

    que really cool motivational music....
    "Everything goes where attention flows..."
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    A product is a product. Learn the essentials of internet marketing so that you can learn how to sell ANYTHING successfully online. Guess what.... you're only the right forum to learn how to do this. Go into the War Room and read books on this particular Clickbank subject. This will give you a fast start and bring you up to speed on things.
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