Please Rip My Sales Letter to Shreds...(MOVED..)

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I moved this thread to the copywriting forum.
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    Hi Dou9las,

    I think this post is in the wrong section.

    The copywriting section would be a better place to be, those copywriters there are good and you'll get better feedbacks.
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    I'm new to WF, however, I agree with redfc. That would probably be a much better place for it. I don't have the time as of right now to look over the full copy but one thing I think you should consider is changing your price point. For what you are giving, $14.95 seems much too low.

    If you have a good product and it REALLY is as good as you say it is, you can charge just about whatever you want. In this case, an ebook, not so much but a $97 price point, if it delivers, is easily doable no matter what the economic downturn. In fact, if you can write great copy, you can increase your sales exponentially even at that price.

    No promises or guarantees here, just the possibilities.

    Likewise, focus on some sort of principle such as AIDA (attention, interest, desire & action) or Quest (qualify, understand, educate, stimulate, transition).


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      You know, I wondered about that myself - but I saw another post in this forum from someone asking for help on a sales letter, and there seemed to be a LOT of replies..

      Funny you should mention the price point - my wife was just making the very same argument!!

      The downturn and tough times were exactly my reasoning for setting the price so low, thinking people in this dilemma might be hesitant to pull the wallets out. But then you have the issue of "perceived value", something I am very aware of.

      I only hesitate to go too high because the main report is just about 15 pages long (with the bonus ebook about 55, and the other template bonuses.) I certainly believe that, if used as intended, it does in fact deliver exactly what it promises.

      And I know that Alexis Dawes's ("Desperate Buyers Only") classic example is a report that was just 19 pages and sold routinely for between 49 and 97 when first published. So, maybe this is just a "hang-up" I need to let go of, and just raise the price.

      Anyway, thanks guys, I will look into moving the post.


      "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."-- Friedrich Nietzsche...

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